Directory Listing

This paragraph allows you to display links to your folders and files on the server. For each file, the size, last modification date, and checksums (MD5 and SHA1) are displayed. It's also possible to display a description for each file and folder in addition to displaying a permanent link to the latest download for quick reference.

This paragraph also optionally generates a pop-up warning dialog. By default this informs the user that the download is from a community project and therefore not supported by Red Hat. They are then given the option to continue the download or cancel it.

The MD5 and SHA1 checksums are computed on the first access to the folder, so it can take a while to render the page for the first time. After that, the checksums are cached so that the subsequent loads are immediate.

An Example: SwitchYard Downloads

Name Modified Size Description
Parent folder 2014-06-07 162.6 MB 2014-06-07 161.8 MB 2014-06-07 162.6 MB 2014-06-07 46.3 MB
Totals: 4 Items
Adding extra information

In addition to listing folders and files you can also specify a permanent link to the latest download, display extra information about the current folder being viewed or provide descriptions for individual files. This is done using meta-data files which are placed into the directory structure of your project as follows:

This file must be placed in the project root folder and can contain only one property named lastRelease:


This causes a statement of the form "Looking for the latest version? Download" to be displayed at the top of the paragraph so users can easily find the latest download regardless of which folder they're viewing. The value of the lastRelease property will be the link target.


This file can be added to any folder to give a description of the folder's contents above the table when a user views it. It can contain any HTML so it is your responsibility to not break the page design.

This file can be also added to any folder in order to give descriptions for the files within in. The names of the properties are the names of the files in the folder and the values are HTML snippets to be placed into the Description column of the file list table:

modeshape-2.7.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar=JAR of JARs
modeshape-2.7.0.Final-client.jar=Self-contained JDBC driver and RESTful client library and binaries

As with the mgnl.folder.readme file it is your responsibility to not break the page design.


As these files are used to provide meta-data they won't be displayed alongside other folders and files in the paragraph.