Site Navigation Menu

This paragraph is useful if you want to include a vertical navigation menu on the page containing links to subpages.

It basically replicates the functionality of the Overview tab in the Project Navigation Header/Footer but may be helpful if you want to provide additional navigation links to the user.

First of all you need to select a starting page from which links to subpages will be shown. The easiest way to do this is using the 'Internal link...' button that allows you to select a page from a pop-up window. Alternatively you can choose a level of the website tree that you wish navigation links to start from, although this probably isn't useful for project navigation.

You then need to select the number of levels of subpages you wish to display links to. Each level causes an extra flyout to appear to the right of the menu so you may want to keep this number low.

Selecting a starting page using the 'Internal link...' button:

The Header name field allows you to choose a title for the menu:

Finally you can choose a style for the menu to be displayed in. A number of default styles are provided via the dropdown box but you are free to provide your own if you wish using the 'Custom Class' or 'Custom ID' fields.

Final Nav - Lines
Lines style
Block style
Blocks style