Video Player

If you want to display a video and don't wish to use embedded HTML then you can use the Video Player paragraph to upload your file and display it in the browser.

alt : 245.mpg

To upload your video file simply click on the 'Browse...' button in the configuration dialog and choose it from the pop-up window. Uploading will start once you click the 'Save' button at the bottom.

If your video file is a few MB or larger then it could take a few minutes to upload to Magnolia.

Additional options allow you to select the type of video player to use in the browser. You can also enable autoplay and choose whether or not a controller is shown underneath.

Finally you can set the width and height of the video, select a background colour, and align it within the page.

To conserve bandwidth it's recommended that you host videos outside of Magnolia and embed them into web pages using the RichText / HTML paragraph.