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Page templates

All web pages in Magnolia are based on templates that define the initial layout and the CSS/JavaScript to include.

The following templates have been designed for use in the website:

  • Community
  • Project Page
  • Plain Page

To choose one of these for your page simply double-click on the name in the Template column and make a selection from the dropdown menu.

Using the Project Page template

The Project Page template should be used for all web pages belonging to a project:

The right column should be light grey with a "dog-eared" top and a ragged left edge. This is meant to represent a scrapbook and indicates that the page is related to a project.
Using the Community template

The Community template should be used for all web pages that don't belong to a project but instead belong to the wider community:

Using the Plain Page template

The Plain Page template should be used if you want to present an image or a movie without any other content on the page: