This paragraph allows you to display a number of tweets from a user and/or by searching Twitter using its Search Operators. For example 'from:maxandersen #jbosstools' will show only those tweets from Max Andersen (JBoss Tools lead) where he mentions his project.

For increased performance tweets are cached for 5 minutes so don't be worry if you don't see the tweet you've "just added".

Infinispan Tweets

mentions of the best data grid
No tweets available.

The above example combines tweets from Twitter account="infinispan" and Search Operators="#infinispan" (a hashtag used to mark tweets about Infinispan).

The example below just displays tweets from Twitter account="jbossorg".

JBoss Community Tweets

No tweets available.

The configuration dialog looks like this: Project Tweets paragraph configuration dialog

Warning: Twitter search currently has a bug where it sometimes returns fewer tweets than specified, even if you are sure there are more tweets.