Using the New Forums first provided forums back in April 2003 when it released the bb (Bulletin Board) module of JBoss Nukes:

On 14th Dec 2009, with over 500,000 posts created by the community, we migrated the forums to Clearspace in order to benefit from additional features and integration with the wiki.

The purpose of these pages is to help users familiar with the JBoss Nukes web interface find their way around Clearspace. Although similar in many respects there are a few small differences in the positions of some controls and the way information is presented.

Register and Login

JBoss Nukes used a menu bar located above the forums to allow users to register and login.

In Clearspace the register and login links are located in the header.


Once you were logged into JBoss Nukes the Logout link appeared on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

In Clearspace the Logout link appears in the header.


A search box is also provided in the header so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Once you've entered your search terms and hit enter (or clicked on the magnifying glass icon) the Search results page will be displayed.

You can also display the search page by going to

From here you can click on 'More options' to specify additional criteria. This gives you similar options to the ones previously available in JBoss Nukes.

Click on the 'Search Tips' link to learn how to improve your search queries.

The 'Search for' field in Clearspace matches the 'Search for Keywords' field in JBoss Nukes.

By default Clearspace ANDs the terms you enter which is the same behaviour as Google. This is different from JBoss Nukes which ORed the terms by default (using the 'Search for any terms or use the query as entered' option). The 'Search for all terms' option in JBoss Nukes had to be selected to AND the terms.

The 'Who' field in Clearspace matches the 'Search for Author' field in JBoss Nukes.

Typing * will present a dropdown list with matching users that you can select from.

The 'Where' field in Clearspace matches the 'Forum' field in JBoss Nukes. You can select multiple items from the 'Where' list if you want to search more than one location.

To search all forums within a particular category (as provided by the JBoss Nukes 'Category' field) you simply need to select the applicable forums in the 'Where' list.

The 'When' field in Clearspace matches the 'Search previous' field in JBoss Nukes.

Clearspace doesn't have the '2 weeks' and '6 months' options but does add 'Last Year' to the list. You also can't select if both the 'topic title and message text' or only the 'message text' are searched. Clearspace always searches both.

Clearspace doesn't allow you to specify whether the results are displayed as Posts or Topics, and you can't select how many characters of the matching posts to return. Instead it always displays the title of the relevant discussion (topic) along with approximately 400 characters from the matching post. Clicking on the discussion title takes you to the post.

Like JBoss Nukes you can sort the results by 'Post Time' (Date) and 'Post Subject' (Subject). However you can't sort by 'Author' or 'Forum', or specify 'Ascending' or 'Descending' order. Clearspace always sorts the results with the most recent first or in alphabetical order.

New with Clearspace are the options to sort by 'Relevance' and 'Rating' with the most relevant or highly rated posts displayed first.

Finally Clearspace allows you to select the number of posts to display per page from a dropdown list. JBoss Nukes always displayed 10 results per page.


The 'Memberlist' link in JBoss Nukes showed you a list of all online people together with a count of the number of anonymous members online:

In Clearspace you can see who's online by clicking on the 'People' icon in the 'Browse' list at

This takes you to where you can select 'Show online only' from the 'Filter this list' options on the right.

You will then be shown the total number of people online along with a list of links to their profiles. By default this is sorted by the Date Joined but you can also choose to sort by First Name, Last Name, and Status Level.

This reproduces the functionality of the 'Who is Online' block from JBoss Nukes which appeared at the bottom of the forums.

Clearspace does not show the number of guests (anonymous users) or indicate which online members are Administrators or Moderators.