Joining a Project Team

If you've already made one or more contributions and want to join a project team then send an email to the Project Lead. You should include a brief explaination of why you want to join and point out the contributions you've already made. If the Project Lead decides that you are capable then they will grant you write access to the source code repository so you can submit changes on your own.

If your contributions are of a high quality and you're having a positive influence on the project then the Project Lead may even contact you directly to ask if you want write access. It is then up to you to decide whether to accept this or not.

Once you have write access to the repository you must continue to make regular contributions otherwise it will be taken away from you. This is done to protect the source code from misuse if someone else gets hold of your access credentials once you have stopped using them. If this occurs and you still wish to contribute then you need to send an email to the Project Lead explaining your situation and ask if you can be granted access again.


Note: Project Leads retain the right to both grant and revoke write access to the source code repositories to protect the integrity of the code at all times.