This Week in JBoss - 07 October 2022

Hi everyone! It’s great to be back and bringing you another edition of the JBoss Editorial. As always there’s a lot of exciting news and updates from JBoss communities, so let’s dive in.

The Flying Saucer release is here

Infinispan 14 Final release announcement, by Tristan Tarrant

UFOs, beer, a RESP endpoint, FIPs support for remote caches, a wizard that makes creating complex cache configuration a breeze, what’s not to love? From Tristan’s release announcement it certainly sounds like there are a lot of great new features and capabilities to help establish the Infinispan project as the default choice for open-source, in-memory caching. Congrats again to the Infinispan team on all the amazing work!

Jakarta MVC in a nutshell

Jakarta MVC made simple, by Francesco Marchioni

Francesco provides a crisp introduction to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework for building HTTP applications and delves into where the MVC API sits within the Jakarta ecosystem. In his post, Francesco provides code samples for an MVC app that show how to perform standard operations.

It’s a solid resource for anyone interested in the MVC pattern. Francesco even provides his ee-mvc-demo source to play around with.

Rounding up Jakarta Persistence 3.1

Jakarta Persistence 3.1 new features, by Francesco Marchioni

In another blog post, Francesco takes us on a tour of Jakarta Persistence 3.1. Using the Jakarta EE 10 runtime and the WildFly 27 Preview release, Francesco shows us how to use java.util.UUID to automatically generate a Primary Key and other cool JPQL functions. Francesco shows us how to extract the numeric parts from a given date and do some other interesting Math, Date, and Time functions.

Once again, Francesco provides his source for us to try out. You can find it in the uuid-demo repository.

Troubleshooting Drools memory issues

Drools trouble-shooting: Memory issues, by Toshiya Kobayashi

Toshiya runs down memory issues frequently encountered in Drools troubleshooting. Dividing them into three categories - long-term memory leaks, OOM errors when building rules, and OOM errors executing KieSession - Toshiya expertly explains how to solve each memory issue.

Comparing Choices in DMN Modeling

Comparing Choices in DMN Modeling, by Eder Ignatowicz

Eder highlights a recent comparative analysis, by Keith Swenson, of TrisoTech DMN Modeler, Camunda, Red Hat Drools Workbench, and KIE Sandbox. I think it’s worth reading Eder’s post for yourself. Should you need convincing, I offer this snippet from Keith’s feedback on KIE tools:

"…​ if you want practical experience with DMN models and running the models, go right to KIE Sandbox. It works."

YouTube videos

Be sure to check out Quarkus Insights #103: Debezium and Quarkus, A Match Made in Heaven? if you haven’t already.

And don’t forget to tune in on October 17 for Quarkus Insights #105: Discover the new Quarkus Redis API

See you next time

Hope you enjoyed this edition. Please join us again in two weeks for our JBoss editorial!

Don Naro