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This Week in JBoss - 16 September 2020

Don Naro

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.


Quarkus 1.10 is out! This release brings several updates, notably JSON as the default media type for REST resources in your Quarkus applications. Now you no longer need all those `@Produces and @Consumes annotations!

Quarkus 1.10 also brings you two new Micrometer registries, additional metrics, and lots of consistency and configuration improvements to all things Swagger UI, which is detailed in the Stylish API blog post.

WildFly have released GraphQL Feature Pack 1.0.0.Final to give WildFly 20 and 21 the latest MicroProfile GraphQL and SmallRye GraphQL capabilities. Congrats to the WildFly team!

Distributed Locks? They Don’t Work!

Bela Ban’s recent post, I hate distributed locks!, is an insightful and emotionally charged look at the pain and the agony of distributed locks. He dissects different scenarios in which locks are distributed and the pitfalls for each. Bela does give hints to other alternatives, but I’d suggest you go read them over on his blog.

Cloud Events with Quarkus

Given that event-drive architectures are becoming ever more popular, Clement Escoffier introduces Cloud Events with the Kafka Connector in Quarkus and shows you how to write and read Cloud Events easily.

Vert.x Mutiny API

In another recent post on the Quarkus blog, Mutiny and the Reactiverse, Clement Escoffier explains using Mutiny variants of Vert.x APIs to get a seamless experience with reactive APIs in Quarkus while taking advantage of the Vert.x ecosystem.

Untangling Reactive Streams

Continuing the discussion on the reactive paradigm, Rebecca Searls strips back complexities of Reactive Streams in her detailed blog post and brings some clarity for wiring a Subscriber, Publisher, and Subscription. Be sure to check out the demo code in Rebecca’s github.

Business Automation and CodeReady Containers

In this first in his series of articles, Eric D. Schabell begins his journey that will guide you through using the latest Business Automation Operator on the OpenShift Container Platform.

Take a look at CodeReady Containers - Installing business automation operator (Part 1) to install the operator manually and then starting using decision management and process automation tooling on OpenShift. Eric’s post is complete with an example project.

Infinispan Website

The Infinispan community have launched a revamped site at infinispan.org. The new layout has a great look and feel! Congrats to the team.

Red Hat Developer Highlights

Alex Krikos and Donna Smalls announce Red Hat Software Collections that offer use case-specific tools along with the most current, stable version of dynamic languages, open source databases, web servers, and other critical development components. Visit the Red Hat Software Collections 3.6 Now Generally Available announcement.

David Harris and Nick Boldt’s Using IntelliJ Community Edition in Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2.5 post explains how to create a custom workspace with IntelliJ IDEA in CodeReady Workspaces 2.5.

Karina Varela introduces us to the out-of-the-box integration with Apache Kafka in Process Automation Manager 7.9 in her artcile, Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.9 brings Apache Kafka integration and more.

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