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Kogito Serverless Workflow at OpenShift Commons Briefing 2021

By Ricardo Zanini

Following Monday (April 19th), we will have a presentation during the . In this talk, we will briefly introduce the CNCF Serverless Workflow Specification project and talk about the Kogito implementation and Knative Eventing integration. We prepared…

Eclipse Vert.x 3.9.7 released!

By Julien Viet

Eclipse Vert.x version 3.9.7 has just been released. It fixes quite a few bugs that have been reported by the community.

Red Hat Summit 2021 - How to enjoy this three part event series

By Eric D. Schabell

This year the event is a bit different as we bridge the gap from pandemic reality to hopefully a form of normalcy.  As the to us, this "…​event is expanding to become an all-new, flexible conference series, consisting of a 2‑part immersive virtual …

Adding Eyecandy to your Quarkus App with React and Patternfly

By Quarkus

A common pattern for containerized and distributed Quarkus applications is to serve as an efficient and scalable backend for a separate frontend application. In the Kubernetes world a frontend application could be a pure web layer pod such as React,…

Quarkus 1.13.2.Final released - Oracle JDBC driver extension, bugfixes

By Quarkus

We just released 1.13.2.Final, a new maintenance release for the 1.13 release train. As usual, this release fixes bugs and includes some documentation improvements but it also introduces a new extension for the Oracle JDBC driver. 1.13.2.Final is a …

WildFly 23.0.1 is released!

By Brian Stansberry

WildFly 23.0.1.Final is now available . It’s been about a month since the WildFly 23 release, so we’ve done a bug fix update, WildFly 23.0.1. WILDFLY PREVIEW AND JAKARTA EE 9.0 The big news in this release is the fact that the of the server passes t…

Headless eCommerce - Example headless architectures

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 3 - Example headless architectures In our  from this series shared a look at the logical common architectural elements found in a headless e-commerce solution for retail stores. The process was laid out how we’ve approached the use case and how…

Headless eCommerce - Common architectural elements

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 2 - Common architectural elements  In our  from this series we introduced a use case around headless e-commerce for retail stores. The process was laid out how we’ve approached the use case and how portfolio solutions are the base for researchi…

Design Tools Highlights on Kogito and Business Central, April 2021

By Eder Ignatowicz

In the last months, the Design Tools Team released many cool new features on and . This post will do a quick overview of those. I hope you enjoy it! DASHBUILDER PROGRAMMATIC LAYOUT API Until the launch of this new API, the only way to create dashboa…

This Week in JBoss - 8 April 2021

By Don Naro

THIS WEEK IN JBOSS - 8 APRIL 2021 Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community. RELEASE ROUNDUP Let’s start things off with congrats to the teams on their hard work! * is rele…

How to Interact with Business Processes Using Camel Routes

By Hao Wu

The JBPM KIE server has a rich set of REST APIs that allows control over business processes and other business assets. Interaction with business processes is straightforward and easily accessible. Usually these APIs are used by the Business Central …

Infinispan 12.1.0.Final

By Tristan Tarrant

Dear Infinispan community, As a belated surprise in your chocolate egg this year is a brand new final release. Infinispan 12.1 includes a bunch of new features and fixes. OUT-OF-THE-BOX AUTHORIZATION IN THE SERVER The biggest change is the fact that…

Quarkus 1.13.1.Final released - Bugfixes

By Quarkus

It has been a week since the release of 1.13.0.Final so it is time for our traditional .1 release. 1.13.1.Final is a maintenance release fixing bugs and improving the documentation. 1.13.1.Final is a safe upgrade for everyone using Quarkus 1.13. If …

Headless eCommerce - An architectural introduction

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 1 - An architectural introduction We’re kicking off another series sharing a new architecture blueprint. It’s focusing on presenting access to ways of mapping successful implementations for specific use cases. It’s an interesting challenge crea…

JAX-RS ParamConverter with Quarkus

By Resteasy

Integrate Kogito and Business Central projects using Git

By Lubo Terifaj

ABOUT With the VSCode Kogito Bundle extension, you can author processes, rules, or test scenarios directly in VSCode without the need to run the whole Business Central. If you would like to know how to create, build and deploy the projects in VSCode…

Point of sale - Example image distribution architecture

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 3 - Example image distribution architecture In our  from this series we shared a look at the logical common architectural elements found in  point of sale imaging solution for retail stores. The process was laid out how we’ve approached the use…

How the new FEEL code-completion works under the hoods

By Guilherme Carreiro

Context-aware code-completion is one of the most important features an IDE can provide to speed-up coding, reduce typos and avoid other common mistakes. Kogito Tooling 0.9.0 release will bring enhanced code-completion for Literal FEEL expressions: L…

Quarkus 1.13 released - DevServices, Kubernetes Service Binding, OpenTelemetry

By Quarkus

Today, we announce the availability of Quarkus 1.13.0.Final. This release brings several new features: DevServices simplifies testing with containers. OpenTelemetry is now supported via two new extensions. Kubernetes Service Binding simplifies the d…

Migrating existing applications to Quarkus with Migration Toolkit for Applications

By Quarkus

The evolution of Java Java is a language that never ceases to impress me. From its conception, to the first Java Virtual Machines with the premise of “write once run anywhere”, to Tomcat or to the Enterprise Edition standards (whether J2EE, or Java …

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