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Migrating from Spring Boot to Quarkus with MTA

By F.Marchioni

In this article we will walk through a sample migration of a Spring Boot REST Application to Quarkus using Red Hat Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA). Overview of Red Hat Migration Toolkit The Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) is an ext…

Data enrichment use-case with DMN and BPMN

By Matteo Mortari

In this post I want to share an interesting use case of data enrichment, using DMN with BPMN and other open standards. The typical usage pattern for data enrichment is the following: a complex data structure containing several attributes is provided…

WildFly 26.0.1 is released!

By Jeff Mesnil

WildFly 26.0.1.Final is now available . It’s been about four weeks since the WildFly 26 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 26.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview. The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 26.0.1 is …

WildFly Release Plans for 2022

By Brian Stansberry

In my post last September, I tried to give a sense of how the transition to Jakarta EE 10 was likely to impact the next few WildFly releases. With out the door and our efforts for 2022 ramping up, I want to give our community on update on how we see…

Camel meets KEDA

By Nicola Ferraro

(Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscalers) is a fantastic project (currently incubating) that provides Kubernetes-based autoscalers to help applications to scale out according to the number of incoming events when they are listening to several kinds of e…

Event-driven rules with Kogito

By Alessandro Costa

As part of our effort to make Kogito usable in an event-driven fashion, this article introduces a new addon: the event-driven rules addon. It is available since Kogito v1.12.0 and its behavior resembles what the event-driven decisions addon () alrea…

Eclipse Vert.x 4.2.4 released!

By Julien Viet

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.2.4 has just been released. It fixes quite a few bugs that have been reported by the community and provides a couple of features

Quarkus 2.6.3.Final released - Maintenance release

By Guillaume Smet

We just released Quarkus 2.6.3.Final with a new round of bugfixes and documentation improvements. It is a safe upgrade for anyone already using 2.6. Full changelog If you are not using 2.6 already, please refer to the 2.6 migration guide. You can ge…

Intelligent data as a service (iDaaS) - Example data architecture

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 3 - Example data architecture In our  from this series we talked about the logical common architectural elements found in an intelligent data as a service (iDaaS) solution for the healthcare industry. The process was laid out how we approached …

How to code a Quarkus REST Client

By F.Marchioni

This article is a walk through Quarkus REST Client API using MicroProfile REST Client. We will develop a basic REST Endpoint and then we will set up a simple Client project with a Service interface for our REST Service. When developing REST Client A…

Red Hat Summit 2022 - Talking Architecture Shop Series

By Eric D. Schabell

  It’s that time of year again when we get the call for papers! I heard the call and thought this year would be a perfect time to go all in with sessions around our architectures based on a series of talks we’ve designed to showcase the various aspe…

RESTEasy 6.0.0 Released

By Resteasy

How to configure Web applications request limits in WildFly

By F.Marchioni

In this article you will learn which strategies you can adopt on WildFly application server to configure the maximum number of concurrent requests using either a programmatic approach (MicroProfile Fault Tolerance) or declarative one (Undertow confi…

Ask (Quark)us anything!

By Max Rydahl Andersen

Time for our semi-annually Q&A session where we drive the episode using your questions! To submit questions comment on this blog or the matching post in our GitHub Discussion forum or post a tweet using the hashtag #quarkusinsights. If an existing q…

Creating a Quarkus extension for AWS CloudWatch

By Bennet Schulz

Creating a Quarkus extension for AWS CloudWatch We recently had the situation that we wanted to log our Quarkus application logs to AWS CloudWatch. Basically it takes some time but is not a big deal. Adding a CloudWatch dependency, creating a Log Ha…

Quarkus Newsletter #16 - January

By James Cobb

The January Newsletter has been published! This month, you can find articles about the Java InfoQ Trend report for December 2021, how to use Quarkus with the service binding operator, how to run Qurkus applications on Kubernetes, and lessons learned…

This Week in JBoss - January 13th 2022

By Stefan Sitani

THIS WEEK IN JBOSS - JANUARY 13TH 2022 Happy new year, everyone! Welcome to the first JBoss weekly editorial of 2022. Enjoy our pick of the latest news and interesting reads from around the JBoss community. RELEASES, RELEASES, RELEASES! Here…

Kogito 1.15.0 released!

By Cristiano Nicolai

We are glad to announce that the Kogito 1.15.0 release is now available! This goes hand in hand with, . From a feature point of view, we included a series of new features and bug fixes, including: * Quarkus Dev Service for Data Index, see * Enhanced…

Intelligent data as a service (iDaaS) - Common architectural elements

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 2 - Common architectural elements In  from this series we introduced an architecture around intelligent data as a service (iDaaS) for the healthcare industry. The process was laid out how we approached the use case and how portfolio solutions a…

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