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Eclipse Vert.x 3.9.6 released!

By Julien Viet

Eclipse Vert.x version 3.9.6 has just been released. It fixes quite a few bugs that have been reported by the community.

Migrating jBPM images secured by LDAP to Elytron

By Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández

“It’s like having wings, like flying sometimes because you go off into another realm” (Paul Rodgers) is the new security framework offered by JBoss EAP/Wildfly, which tries to unify security management and application access in a single subsystem.  …

VU Alumni Spotlight - Open Key to Every Career (slides)

By Eric D. Schabell

 As previously mentioned, I was invited to speak today as part of the VU alumni spotlight series.  I spent the time sharing how being open can mean everything to your career. It’s something that has been core to my journey throughout my working life…

Predictions in Kogito: PMML endpoints with OpenAPI

By Gabriele Cardosi

INTRODUCTION is an XML standard whose scope is to define different kinds of predictive models (Regression, Scorecard, Tree, Neural Network, etc) in a system-agnostic way, so that it may be used and shared by different systems/implementations. The Sp…

Business optimisation architecture - Common architectural elements

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 2 - Common architecture elements In from this series I introduced a use case around business optimisation for retail stores. The process was laid out how I’ve approached the use case and how portfolio solutions are the base for researching a ge…

This Week in JBoss - 25 February 2021

By Romain Pelisse

THIS WEEK IN JBOSS - 25 FEBRUARY 2021 Welcome to another installment of our JBoss Editorial! Today, we’ll focus on Kogito and the upcoming major release of Wildfly. Enjoy! WILDFLY 23 BETA: MICROPROFILE As the release of the next major versio…

WildFly 23 Beta1 — More Progress with MicroProfile

By Brian Stansberry

I’m pleased to announce that the new WildFly and WildFly Preview 23.0.0.Beta1 releases are available for download at . The WildFly 23 development cycle has been a bit shorter than our typical three months, as we’ve reduced this one some to see if we…

Quarkus 1.12 released - Fast jar as default, Multipart support for RESTEasy Reactive

By Quarkus

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Quarkus 1.12.0.Final. It comes with some significant changes: Fast jar is now the default packaging when you build a jar. RESTEasy Reactive keeps improving and it now has support for multipart. Vert.x Axl…

Business optimisation architecture - An introduction

By Eric D. Schabell

Part 1 - An introduction The last few years I have been digging deeply into the world of architecture blueprints with a focus on presenting access to ways of mapping successful implementations for specific use cases. It’s an interesting challenge in…

Kogito Notifications API

By Adriel Paredes

Photo by on  Kogito is not just the implementation of the next generation business automation technologies, but the tools that will support the development, testing, management, etc. Replacing Business Central is not an easy task. 10+ years of devel…

3 steps to author BPMN and DMN assets on GitHub Codespaces

By Eder Ignatowicz

Recently, GitHub launched early access to , an online development environment hosted by GitHub and powered by Visual Studio Code, that allows you to develop entirely in the cloud. Online development environments are a recent trend in the industry an…

RESTEasy 3.15.0.Final is now available

By Resteasy

Byteman 4.0.14 has been released

By Andrew Dinn

Byteman 4.0.14 is now available from the and from the . It is the latest update release for use on all JDK9+ runtimes. It is also recommended as the preferred release for use on JDK8- runtimes. Byteman 4.0.14 is a maintenance release which fixes a f…

VU Alumni Spotlight - Open Key to Every Career

By Eric D. Schabell

I’ve been invited to come back and give a talk at my university as part of their alumni spotlight series.  The funny thing is, this event has been in the planning since pre-pandemic days last year and was initially to be onsite and in person for eve…

Event-driven decisions with Kogito

By Alessandro Costa

In 2021 it’s almost undeniable that modern application development needs to target the cloud, given the requirements of flexibility, scalability and availability imposed by today’s world. Event-driven architectures have proven to be well suited mode…

Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ 1.4.0 released!

By Quarkus

We are very pleased to announce the 1.4.0 release of Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ. This release enhances codestarts support in the Quarkus project wizard. Codestarts The Quarkus project wizard now highlights codestarts enabled extension with a specifi…

RefCard - Getting started with OpenShift published

By Eric D. Schabell

Earlier this month a writing project I was working on, a getting started with OpenShift reference card, went live .  The project was to put together a getting started guide that walks a developer through getting OpenShift, installing it on a local m…

Keycloak 12.0.3 released

By Keycloak Blog

To download the release go to . ALL RESOLVED ISSUES The full list of resolved issues are available in UPGRADING Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the for anything that may have changed.

Infinispan 12.0.1.Final “Lockdown”

By Ryan Emerson

Dear Infinispan community, we hope you’ve been enjoying all the new goodies included in our latest major release, Infinispan 12. We now have a brand new micro release for you which addresses a number of issues. The following list shows what we have …

Quarkus 1.11.3.Final released - Bugfixes

By Quarkus

1.11.3.Final mainly fixes a regression introduced in 1.11.2.Final that makes it impossible to build native executables while using both the RESTEasy and OpenTracing extensions. It is a safe upgrade for everyone using Quarkus 1.11. If you are not usi…

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