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Keycloak 22.0.4 released

By Keycloak Blog

To download the release go to . UPGRADING Before upgrading refer to for a complete list of changes. ALL RESOLVED ISSUES ENHANCEMENTS * Improve feature (detection) code in the Admin Console keycloak admin/api * External Link check for documentation l…

Virtual Threads with Quarkus made easy

By F.Marchioni

In this first tutorial about Virtual Threads Mastering Virtual Threads: A Comprehensive Tutorial , we have covered the basics of Virtual Threads. In this article we will learn how Quarkus simplifies the implementation and debugging of Virtual Thread…

Testing virtual thread applications

By Clement Escoffier

In a previous post, we have seen how to implement a CRUD application using virtual threads in Quarkus. The following video shows how to test this application and, specifically, how to detect pinning. The complete code of the application and the test…

Live diff and update quarkus deployments in OpenShift using Jetbrains IDEA

By Andre Dietisheim

Prerequisites OpenShift CLI, oc: installation instructions Kubernetes by Red Hat, Kubernetes Plugin for JetBrains IDEA Marketplace Quarkus CLI, Quarkus: Installation Instructions Optional: Source code for this blog post: https://github.com/adietish/…

Just: a tool to store and execute your project commands

By F.Marchioni

“Just” (or “Justfile”) is a handy command-line tool that simplifies the execution of project-specific commands tasks. In this tutorial, we’ll explore why and how to use “Just” to enhance your day-by-day command line tasks. Introduction to “Just” As …

Hacktoberfest 2023

By Ranabir Chakraborty

is back, and it’s time to channel your inner Open Source superhero! This annual event unites developers of all levels, from seasoned pros to enthusiastic beginners, in a shared mission to contribute to Open Source projects and celebrate the spirit o…

Mastering Virtual Threads: A Comprehensive Tutorial

By F.Marchioni

Virtual threads, also known as project Loom, are a new feature available in Java 21 that aims to provide lightweight, efficient, and scalable concurrency. They are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of concurrent applications by redu…

Writing CRUD applications using virtual threads

By Clement Escoffier

Last week, we published a video demonstrating the creation of a CRUD application using virtual threads in Quarkus. It’s as simple as adding the @RunOnVirtualThread annotation on your HTTP resource (or your controller class if you use the Spring comp…

Observability in Quarkus 3

By Bruno Baptista

Observability in Quarkus Observability on a software system can be described as the capability to allow a human to ask and answer questions. To enable developers and support engineers in understanding how their applications behave, Quarkus 3.3 inclu…

Quarkus 3.4.1 released - Redis 7.2 and Flyway changes

By Guillaume Smet

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Quarkus 3.4.1. We skipped 3.4.0 as we needed a fix for CVE-2023-4853 in 3.4 too. Major changes are: Support for Redis 7.2 Adjustments on how to enable/activate Flyway This version also comes with bugfixe…

When Quarkus meets Virtual Threads

By Clement Escoffier

Java 21 offers a new feature that will reshape the development of concurrent applications in Java. For over two years, the Quarkus team explored integrating this new feature to ease the development of distributed applications, including microservice…

How to upgrade to Quarkus 3

By F.Marchioni

This article discusses how to upgrade your existing Quarkus 2.x applications to Quarkus 3.x using the Quarkus CLI tool. We will learn at first which is the impact of the upgrade on Quarkus 2 application. Then, we will show how to perform the upgrade…

Addressing CVE-2023-4853 in Quarkus

By F.Marchioni

The CVE-2023-4853 vulnerability in question impacts Quarkus framework’s HTTP Security Policy, . This policy provides access control to various endpoints within an application enabling developers to secure access based on path-based configurations. H…

Quarkus Newsletter #36 - September

By James Cobb

Explore how we can use the Testcontainers Desktop app while building a Quarkus application by reading "Joyful Quarkus Application Development using Testcontainers Desktop" by Siva Katamreddy. Extensions can significantly increase the application’s p…

Quarkus security releases for CVE-2023-4853

By Guillaume Smet

We have just released updates to Quarkus 2.16.11.Final, 3.2.6.Final, and 3.3.3 and Red Hat build of Quarkus 2.13.18.SP2 that fix the issue reported in CVE-2023-4853. This issue affects anyone using HTTP security path-based rules to protect HTTP endp…

WildFly and the Twelve-factor App Methodology

By Jeff Mesnil

JGroups 5.3 released

By Bela Ban

I just released JGroups 5.3. The 5.2 branch (last stable release: 5.2.19) is stable and will only be modified when bug fixes are backported from 5.3. All new develpoment will be done on the 5.3 branch. The major new feature of the 5.3 release is REL…

Keycloak 22.0.3 released

By Keycloak Blog

To download the release go to . UPGRADING Before upgrading refer to for a complete list of changes. ALL RESOLVED ISSUES ENHANCEMENTS * Improve feature (detection) code in the Admin Console keycloak admin/api * External Link check for documentation l…

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