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Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ 1.3.0 released!

By Quarkus

We are very pleased to announce the 1.3.0 release of Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ. This release brings codestarts support in the Quarkus project wizard. Codestarts The Quarkus project wizard adds a new codestarts option, allowing to enable/disable cod…

WildFly Bootable JAR 3.0 is released!

By Jean-François Denise

The version 3.0 of the has been released. For people who are not familiar with WildFly Bootable JAR, I strongly recommend that you read this that covers it in detail. The new features that come in this release (in particular the dev-watch goal) have…

RESTEasy 4.6.0.Final is now available

By Resteasy

How to properly stop batch processing job and step in WildFly

By Cheng Fang

Batch jobs are long-running background processing tasks, and therefore it’s common that user may need to pause or stop the execution. WildFly, which implements batch processing through its jberet component based on JSR 352 and , offers a variety of …

This Week in JBoss: 14 January 2021

By Romain Pelisse

THIS WEEK IN JBOSS: 14 JANUARY 2021 Welcome to the first installment of our JBoss Editorial for 2021! And to start the year, we have a brand new major release of the core product of the JBoss community! Yes, Wildfly 22 is out! WILDFLY 22 AND …

Using case principal transformers in Elytron

By Sonia Zaldana Calles

WildFly 22 is released!

By Brian Stansberry

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 22 Final zip is now available . Let’s have a look at what’s new. NEW FEATURES LOGGING * In response to a great deal of user demand, WildFly has added . Applications deployed in the server can use the log4j2 A…

Bored with magic tricks?

By Quarkus

Just before my PTO, someone told me: 'I don’t like magic.' In this context, magic refers to the amount of hidden stuff done by Quarkus under the hood for the sake of simplicity. It includes dependency injection, annotations, and so on. It’s not the …

How to setup the OpenShift Container Platform 4.6 on your local machine

By Eric D. Schabell

Are you looking to develop a few projects on your local machine and push them on to a real OpenShift Container Platform without having to worry about cloud hosting of your container platform? Would you like to do that on one of the newer versions of…

Teiid Spring Boot 1.7.0 Released

By Ramesh

Teiid Spring Boot version 1.7.0 to support Teiid 16.0 has been released. This release is mainly to support the Teiid’s latest version.  In this release, the support for OpenAPI code generation based on VDB has been removed as there is no community i…

CodeReady Containers - Installing business automation operator (Part 4)

By Eric D. Schabell

As a consistent user and developer on the OpenShift platform over the years, I’ve tried helping users by sharing my application development content as we’ve journeyed from  cartridges all the way to container base development. With container based d…

2020 in review - suddenly the world changed

By Eric D. Schabell

As 2020 heads off into the mists of history, it’s a good time to look back briefly and reflect, as I do every year, on my year. We’ve shared more time together this year online in virtual events, virtual coffee breaks, and other strange virtual even…

CodeReady Containers - Building a Human Resources Process with an OpenShift Operator

By Eric D. Schabell

Previously I’ve shared a cloud-native HR rewards process as an example project to run on the Openshift Container Platform.  What’s the next evolution? There is no better way to learn about container technologies, cloud native methods, and container-…

This Week in JBoss: 25 December 2020

By Mark Little

THIS WEEK IN JBOSS: 25 DECEMBER 2020 I’m writing this on Christmas Day and have spent the last week or so thinking about what I should put into my traditional 25th of December entry. Then it came to me in that "lightbulb moment": I’d replicate, mor…

Running jgroups-raft as a service

By Bela Ban

This is a short tutorial on running a Raft cluster [1] in Kubernetes. It shows how to run a jgroups-raft cluster of 3 nodes, then connects to it with a client. RUNNING THE JGROUPS-RAFT CLUSTER This is very simple with Kubernetes: kubectl apply -f ht…

CodeReady Containers - Exploring a home loan mortgage process

By Eric D. Schabell

As a cloud-native developer you’ve  development environment on your local machine, but what’s next? What can you do with the fully stocked container registry provided to you? There is no better way to learn about container technologies, cloud native…

Apache Camel 3.7 (LTS) Released - The fastest Camel ever

By Claus Ibsen

The was released some days ago. This is a LTS release which means we will provide patch releases for one year. The next planned LTS release is 3.10 scheduled towards summer 2021. So what’s in this release This release introduces a set of new feature…

Keycloak 12.0.1 released

By Keycloak Blog

To download the release go to . ALL RESOLVED ISSUES The full list of resolved issues are available in UPGRADING Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the for anything that may have changed.

Spring Boot embedded cache with Infinispan in Kubernetes

By Architecting the deconstruction

Spring Boot is extensively used for microservice architectures, most of them running in kubernetes. Spring Cache has been defined as an abstraction layer for cache servers, although there are other alternatives (JSR-107 JCache was one of the initial…

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