This Week in JBoss - February 25th 2022

Welcome back! What better way to finish off the week (or start the week depending on when you read this) than by seeing what’s new in the software you care about? As always, we have some great things happening within the community, read on below.


  • Quarkus 2.7.2.Final - second maintenance release for the 2.7 branch. This release features a number of bug fixes and updates to Kogito and Optaplanner. View the full changelog.

  • Kogito 1.17.0 - This release packs in new features, bug fixes and, one small breaking change. Read about the release.

  • Eclipse Vertx 4.2.5 - The Vertx team has been hard at work bringing the number of bugs down in the 4.2 branch. They have also added the ability to intercept HttpProxy calls, and the Oracle client now has proper pooling. Find out more.

  • Keycloak 17.0.0 - A major update, too many things to list here, read about the release for changes.

  • Hibernate Reactive 1.1.3.Final - Biggest change here: Support for Oracle, see more.


The blog, Mastertheboss has some great posts about Quarkus:

The KIE team (business and process automation space) also have three new blog posts out recently:

Those working on Quarkus have a few new things to show and say this week as well:

Lastly, a few blogs from other areas around the blogosphere:

Thanks again for joining us for another week!

Jason Porter