This Week in JBoss - 2 December 2021

Hello! Welcome to our first December JBoss Editorial featuring the most interesting news and updates from our community.

Release roundup

Here are the releases from the JBoss Community for this edition:

Normalize web services with Camel K and AtlasMap

Normalize web services with Camel K and AtlasMap, Part 2, by Bruno Meseguer

Bruno’s article is a walkthrough Camel K 's implementation step by step. It also covers how to simplify data mapping with AtlasMap, which is a data mapping solution with an interactive web-based user interface.

Saga pattern with processes and Kogito – Part 1

Saga pattern with processes and Kogito – Part 1, by Tiago Dolphine

Saga is meant to provide transaction management using a sequence of steps that could be also called local transactions. In this article Tiago shows how to apply this pattern to Kogito processes.

Quarkus 2.5.0.Final released - GraalVM/Mandrel 21.3 and usability improvements all over the place.

Quarkus 2.5.0.Final released, by Guillaume Smet

Announce the availability of Quarkus 2.5.0.Final which comes with the following main improvements:

  • Upgrade to GraalVM/Mandrel 21.3

  • Support for JPA entity listeners for Hibernate ORM in native mode

  • Ability to add HTTP headers to responses

  • Various usability improvements in extensions and our dev mode/testing infrastructure

SmallRye Stork meets Quarkus

SmallRye Stork meets Quarkus, by Michał Szynkiewicz

Michał introduces SmallRye Stork and its Quarkus integration. Stork provides a way to locate and select services. It’s simple and customizable. Stay tuned as more articles will follow up on this topic.

News from Java 18

News from Java 18, by Francesco Marchioni

Java 17 was just released in September 2021 however the Java Community Process is already working on the next release of Java with a list of cool new features. This article discusses the top picks from the JEP Process.

Free eBooks

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That’s all for today! Please join us again in two weeks for another round of our JBoss editorial!

Francesco Marchioni