This Week in JBoss - 08 October 2021

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.

Release roundup

Congrats on all the releases and great work from the community!

WildFly 25

WildFly 25 is released!, by Brian Stansberry

It feels appropriate to call special attention to Brian’s release announcement of WildFly 15. The entire team has done great work and Brian goes into detail about all the new features, including finishing the migration to Elytron-based security and Java SE 17 support. Congrats to the WildFly community on another fantastic milestone!

Elytron Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest Has Begun, by Farah Juma

Calling all hackers!! WildFly Elytron is participating in this year’s Hacktoberfest. Check out Farah’s post to register and contribute to Elytron, Elytron Web, or WildFly OpenSSL repositories.

Run Decision Manager with Podman

Beginners Guide to Installing Decision Management Tooling in a Local Container using Podman, by Eric Schabell

Eric’s step-by-step tutorial taught me how to quickly set up a running instance of Decision Manager in a local container. I really enjoyed the tutorial and would recommend as a great way to introduce yourself to the world of process automation.

Authenticating to Business Central with SSH keys

Business Central SSH Key-Based Authentication, by Eder Ignatowicz

This brief article shows you how easy it is to configure authentication with Business Central using SSH keys. At the end, Eder also combines JBang with JGit in a nifty way to use a different SSH keys and provides you with the code.

Quarkus Insights

Get your popcorn ready and sit back to watch some Quarkus insights. Here are my top picks for this week’s editorial:

Don Naro