This Week in JBoss - 27 August 2021

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.

Calling all Kogito DMN contributors

Guilherme Carreiro brings us the second in a series of posts that guide you through contributing to Kogito’s DMN editor, DMN editor – Contributors Guide – Part 2. The post gives a nice overview of the DMN and the BPMN editors then links to some additional resources that guide you through the tasks of creating and testing Reactive components.

RESTEasy Reactive in Quarkus 2.2

Clément gives a very insightful look at how Quarkus and RESTEasy Reactive make your life easier when implementing HTTP APIs. He also explains different dispatching strategies in Quarkus 2.2, based on method signatures to intelligently decide whether methods should be called on the I/O thread or a worker thread at build time.

Go read the full details in Clément’s post, RESTEasy Reactive - To block or not to block and take a look at some of the code examples he provides.

Narayana LRA annotation checker

The Narayana team have provided a Maven plugin that checks LRA (Long Running Actions) annotations. This plugin helps developers avoid errors and follow the rules of the LRA specification. There’s also a sample Quarkus project in that shows you how to use it.

You can read Ondra Chaloupka’s article here: LRA annotation checker Maven plugin.

DevConf.US 2021 - Designing your best architecture diagrams workshop

Over on Eric Schabell’s blog, he announces the Designing your best architecture diagrams workshop that he will deliver at this year’s DevConf.US on Thursday, September 2. Eric’s workshop takes attendees through the process of using open-source tooling to design architecture diagrams like an expert.

Congrats to Eric on getting the workshop accepted. I’m sure it will be an invaluable workshop for all those who face the challenges of communicating complex architectural designs to project teams.

Apache Camel at Kubecon EU

Nicola Ferraro presented Apache Camel at the Kubecon EU conference that took place on August 19th, 2020.

Nicola’s presentation focused on Camel K integration with Knative with a detailed explanation and a super cool demo. Visit his blog to read details and watch the video at Serverless Integration on Kubernetes with Apache Camel K.

Release roundup

Let’s start things off this week with a look the latest releases.

Don Naro