This Week in JBoss - 11 August 2021

After short pause for the summer holiday, welcome back to this new installment of the JBoss Editorial! As always, the JBoss community has been quite active and there is quite a lot to cover today, especially on hybrid cloud and Kogito. Let’s dive right in!

Hybrid Cloud

During the last weeks, Christina Lei did a quite interesting series of articles on hybrid cloud. After an overview of making hybrid cloud, she explores some in-depth topic like dynamic security or observability. To conclude this serie, another article covers hosting and managing on hybrid cloud.

Kogito this and Kogito that!

With the new release of Kogito 1.9.1, it’s time to explore (maybe again) all the potential of this framework. And fortunately, there are a lot of in-depth articles released recently doing just that! Let’s start with one on how to capture decisions using DMN followed by a tutorial on how to implement task’s deadline with Kogito.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to learn how to manage your BPMN and DMN assets on gitpod.io. Or explore event-driven decisinning with AMQ streams and Kogito. If those articles have but open your appetite for the framework, you can carry on with a tutorial on how to develop better widgets or how to add data from KIE server for authoring dashboards.


Want to learn more? Don’t worry, we have few more intriguing technical articles for you:


As always, the JBoss community has been releasing new version at a steady stream:

That’s all for today! Please join us again in two weeks for another installment of our JBoss editorial! Stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

Romain Pelisse