This Week in JBoss - 18 June 2021

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.

Release roundup

Congrats to all the teams on their hard work!

  • Keycloak 14.0.0 is released! This release adds Financial-grade API (FAPI) support and lots of improvements.

  • Byteman 4.0.16 has shipped and is now the latest version if you’re running Java version 9 to 17.

  • WildFly 24 is here and brings lots of awesome work. There’s too much to sum up here so click the link and check out the release notes.

  • Quarkus 2.0.0.CR3 is here. Towards 2.0 final!!

  • Quarkus 1.13.7.Final is available as a maintenance release.

  • Eclipse Vert.x 4.1.0 is available with lots of exciting features. Go download and start using it!

  • Eclipse Vert.x 3.9.8 is also here with numerous bug fixes.

  • Narayana 5.12.0.Final has been shipped. This version gives several enhancements and fixes some bugs. Go grab it!

From the community

Katia and Ryan on the Infinispan team released a nice two-part series of posts that explained how they built an online game across data centers and multiple cloud providers for this year’s Summit keynote demonstration. In the first part, Building a real-time leaderboard with Infinispan and Quarkus on a hybrid Kubernetes deployment, Katia and Ryan describe how they designed and implemented various services using Infinispan and Quarkus. With part two, they explain how using the Infinispan Operator greatly reduced the complexity of standing up their clusters, Creating and managing Infinispan services in the hybrid cloud.

Tommaso Teofili’s recent post, Autotuning LIME explanations with few predictions, outlines how to automatically tune LIME hyperparameters to achieve more stable explanations and comes with a PR that lets you dig into all the technical aspects covered in the post.

RHPAM connectivity to external AMQ configurations in OpenShift by Michael Perez takes an in-depth look at connecting to an external AMQ with the aim of lowering the memory footprint for RHPAM pods as well as other deployment optimizations. It’s an interesting read with good technical considerations to sink your teeth into so go give it a look.

Over on the WildFly blog, Jeff Mesnil walks us through the process of changing logging levels for cloud-based WildFly applications on the fly. Take a look at Jeff’s script and straightforward commands to help you easily modify logs for debugging in his post, How to Change Logging Level for WildFly on the Cloud.

Bilgin Ibryam is back with a post on the Red Hat Developer blog titled Application modernization patterns with Apache Kafka, Debezium, and Kubernetes. I really enjoyed this one as Bilgin expertly puts application modernization in context and examines different patterns, tools, and open-source ecosystems that can help you migrate brown-field systems to more modern, event-driven services as well as design green-field services that are future proof by providing the ability to evolve over time. Be sure to catch up on this one if you haven’t already read it.

Just in time for your summer reading list the first book dedicated to Keycloak has been published, Keycloak - Identity and Access Management for Modern Applications. Congrats to authors Stian Thorgersen and Pedro Igor Silva. It’s an impressive achievement and no doubt the book is full of invaluable expertise.

Evangelist’s corner

In our last editorial we mentioned Eric Schabell’s series on a retail data framework. Since then Eric has obviously been hard at work as his next two posts in the series, Retail data framework - Common architectural elements and Retail data framework - Example data architecture. If you haven’t caught up on that series yet, then I highly recommend taking a look to learn about data flows and management in a retail context.

Eric has also posted the first in his next series, Cloud adoption - An architectural introduction. This series is focused on proven integrations, structures, and interactions with the goal of enabling readers to implement and adopt cloud-based solutions using open-source technologies. I’m really excited about this series and can’t wait to see what Eric brings in his next posts.

Developers on film

Get your popcorn ready and sit back to watch some videos from our community. Here are my top picks for this week’s editorial:

Don Naro