This Week in JBoss - 11 March 2021

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.

Release roundup

Let’s start things off with congrats to all the teams on their hard work!

From the community

There’s been a lot of activity since the last editorial so let’s take a look.

First up is Ramon Gordillo’s rather interesting take on moving legacy technology on Kubernetes. Ramon starts by pointing out that even software that is considered "legacy" and traditionally on-prem is often packed with new and useful features. Add to that the fact that many containerized applications still rely on legacy systems - "not all apps are greenfield" - and he builds a solid case for doing something that might otherwise induce a few gasps. Go see how Ramon tackles running IBM DB2 in containers, Trying DB2 in Kubernetes for developers.

Migrating jBPM images secured by LDAP to Elytron by Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re not familiar with Elytron it is, as Gonzalo explains, Wildfly’s security framework that puts security management and application access into a single subsystem. In his post, Gonzalo clearly describes and then steps through how to migrate jBPM images from PicketBox, which is a security subsystem based on JAAS login modules, over to Elytron.

Also on the Kogito blog, Paul Brown and Emily Murphy take on the challenge of Optimizing COVID-19 vaccination appointment scheduling. Their post details the approach for using OptaPlanner to handle planning constraints and automatically assign vaccination appointments. Getting vaccinations rolled out globally is a massive logistical and planning challenge so it’s comforting to know our community is providing tooling to get us all back to "normal".

The Red Hat Developer blog has a couple of recent entries focused on JavaScript that are both good reads.

Michael Dawson introduces us to the Node.js reference architecture from Red Hat and IBM and explains their reasons for creating it. The goal is to help developers make good choices when navigating the vibrant and extensive JavaScript ecosystem by recommending packages based on shared experience across teams and projects.

Joel Lord takes us through Building rootless containers for JavaScript front ends to demonstrate how you can avoid security vulnerabilities and potential disaster.

Evangelist’s corner

Our ever productive Eric Schabell has brought us some fantastic content that should really get you thinking about community technology can apply to solve real world business problems.

Similarly to James and Emily’s post on the Kogito blog, Eric shows how retail pharmacies can optimize scheduling to provide customer vaccinations.

Eric also provides a architectural blueprint for supply-chain integration that comes with a treasure trove of resources and is well worth delving into.

Developers on film

Get your popcorn ready and sit back to watch some videos from our community. Here are my top picks for this week’s editorial:

Don Naro