This Week in JBoss - 28 January 2021

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial that brings you news and updates from our community.


Infinispan 12 release, codenamed Lockdown, brings a ton of new features and improvements. Indexing and querying capabilities have seen a number of improvements with the help of Hibernate Search integration. ProtoStream marshalling is upgraded with a new @ProtoAdapter annotation that lets you easily integrate third-party classes. It’s a pretty elegant solution to what could present itself as a real headache for developers. Speaking of marshalling improvements, Infinispan 12 also makes your life easier by automatically generating and registering SerializationContextInitializer implementations to marshall user types. Also notable is the SPI for cross-site replication merge conflicts, which continues on the brilliant work that team has done to provide a solution for ensuring data integrity. There’s a lot going on in Infinispan 12 and probably too much to try and sum up here so why not head over and read all the details in the Infinispan 12.0.0.Final Announcement.

Congratulations to the entire Infinispan team on all the hard work.

Quarkus 1.11 is here! This release brings you RESTEasy Reactive, which is a new JAX-RS implementation for writing RESTful services. Quarkus 1.11 also introduces the Dev UI so you can quickly visualize all your loaded extensions, access docs, and more. Of course there are other things in Quarkus 1.11 but RESTEasy Reactive and the Dev UI look to be quite promising indeed.

The Quarkus team keep things rolling with the release of Quarkus Tools for IntelliJ 1.3.0 that adds codestarts to the Quarkus project wizard.

Keycloak 12.0.2 is now available too! Head on over to their site and check it out.

WildFly Bootable JARs on OpenShift

Emmanuel Hugonnet shows you how to use WildFly’s bootable JAR feature and the odo CLI tool to easily build and deploy applications on OpenShift.

Getting Started with Apache Kafka in Quarkus

Clement Escoffier details how to get you started with Apache Kafka in Quarkus applications in less than 10 steps using Reactive Messaging. Clement provides a GitHub repository with the code too so take a look at his Getting Started with Apache Kafka.

Easing the Keycloak integration tests in Kie Server with Testcontainers

Over at the Kie blog, Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández demonstrates using Testcontainers to quickly and easily create integration tests with Kie Server and Keycloak.

RESTEasy WADL Module in WildFly

Wei Nan gives a straightforward example of deploying the RESTEasy WADL module into WildFly.

Quarkus Insights: Hibernate Search 6

Have you subscribed to the Quarkusio YouTube channel yet?

If not, head over and take a look. There are always interesting discussions and cool speakers.

One recent video that I really enjoyed, and is timed well with the release of Infinispan 12, is Episode #32 where Yoann Rodière joins the lads and introduces us to Hibernate Search 6. Yoann goes through all the exciting new stuff in Hibernate Search and explains how the search API gives you accurate and flexible full-text search for applications to overcome the limitations that come from SQL queries.

Apache Camel and Java Flight Recorder

Claus Ibsen’s recent Apache Camel 3.8 and Java Flight Recorder post breaks down how you can capture work steps with Flight Recorder to diagnose Apache Camel and improve performance.

Red Hat Developer Highlights

In another Flight Recorder post, Andrew Azores gives us a great tutorial on using JDK Flight Recorder for containers running on OpenShift.

Finally, there is a great DevNation Tech Talk by Sebastien Blanc and Edson Yanaga on Building kubectl plugins with Quarkus.

Don Naro