JBoss Weekly Editorial 27 August 2020

Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Weekly Editorial! Summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean Red Hat has been resting, or that nothing has been happening over the past two weeks. There’s been some great movement and progress made, which we’ll cover. In this edition we’re going to focus on OpenShift, the blogosphere, and finally, other project news.


Last week was KubeCon Europe 2020, which as you can guess, was a big event for OpenShift! We had 15 speakers from Red Hat speaking over the three days, giving 17 talks. A number of new announcements, blog posts, and articles came out during KubeCon Europe 2020, They’re all liked at the OpenShift event page. There’s simply too many to link here. The above event page has videos, press release links, links to other announcements and blogs.


Continuing the trend about OpenShift, Paul Vergilis wrote about external clients and Red Hat AMQ over at the Red Hat Developer blog. If you’re interested in getting started with Strimzi, Apache Kafka on Kubernetes, you’ll want to catch up on the blog post Paolo Patierno and Jakub Scholz wrote: Introduction to Strimzi: Apache Kafka on Kubernetes (KubeCon Europe 2020). For those of you running OpenJDK 8, you’ll want to know more about JDK Flight Recorder available in OpenJDK 8u262. An indepth intro is available at the Red Hat Developer Blog written by Mario Torre.


To wrap up this edition, we will be looking at two announcements from Keycloak:

We’re natuarally happy for a new release and sad for Louketo.

Thanks for being here with us in this edition! We look forward to seeing you again in two weeks.

Jason Porter