This Week in JBoss - 13 August 2020

Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial where we gather news from our communities and explore developments from our projects.

JGroups 5!

Exciting news from Bela Ban as JGroups 5.0.0.Final is released. JGroups 5 brings lots of improvements and some major API changes.

Perhaps the biggest change is that Message is now an interface with a number of subclasses that perform late marshalling so object payload is serialized at the point when messages are sent, which eliminates a memory allocation and makes JGroups performance even better.

Other cool features in JGroups 5 are virtual thread support, an implementation of the Random Early Drop (RED) protocol, more efficient FD_ALL3 failure detection, a new protocol to dump stats, and lots more.

Hearty congratulations to Bela and all the contributors and folks who made it happen!!

Head over to the JGroups 5 documentation and find out more.

Keycloak Tech Talk

Stian Thorgersen of the Keycloak team presents a DevNation Tech Talk that provides an in-depth look at the best open-source identity and management solution around. Stian gives a great demo of Keycloak that not only highlights features but showcases just how easy it is to integrate and use Keycloak capabilities to secure your applications.

Spend half an hour and let Stian dazzle you with A deep dive into Keycloak.

Reactive Quarkus: A Java Mutiny

Another Tech Talk that you should definitely check out comes from Clement Escoffier and Edson Yanaga, who go into detail about Mutiny, a new reactive programming library. Clement and Edson explain why reactive matters, how Mutiny is makes it easier to develop reactive applications, and how the library is integrated with Quarkus.

Listen to Clement and Edson deliver their excellent talk, Reactive Quarkus: A Java Mutiny.

Skupper and the Hybrid Cloud

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Skupper but maybe have yet to see it in action. Ted Ross gives a great introduction and live demonstration of Skupper across AWS, GCP, and Azure that shows real-time load balancing and fail-over.

Watch Ted’s Kubernetes and the hybrid cloud with Skupper Tech Talk today. You won’t regret it.

In the Community

Katia Aresti has created a pretty awesome Infinispan Server tutorial that demonstrates a full set of capabilities with a weather application. Visit the Infinispan Remote Weather App Tutorial and try it for yourself.

Jakub Scholz on the Strimzi team has written a comprehensive blog post, Using Open Policy Agent with Strimzi and Apache Kafka, that explores support for Kafka authorization using Open Policy Agent.

That’s it for this week’s editorial. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

Don Naro