JBoss Weekly Editorial 14 May 2020

We’re a little light on the news this time, but those of us who have been reading the editorial for a few years will be familiar with the "after Summit slump." With Red Hat Summit behind us (and what a great Summit, check out the sessions on demand if you missed them), many people have taken PTO. Expect all the news, blogs, releases, etc. to pick back up in the coming weeks.

All that being said, we do have some blogs to go over and one release.


First up is Eric Schabell’s second entry in his "Demystifying the Event Driven Architecture - Making the case" series. You can read more about it at his blog.

We have another post by Eric: Code Ready Containers - Installing an HR employee rewards project using developer container catalog. For more information about CodeReady Containers, please visit the Red Hat Developer page.

There are a number of DevNation Tech Talks and master courses dropping within the next week, please visit the DevNation page for more information.


Keycloak released a new version: Keycloak 10.0.1.

Jason Porter