Finding a Speaker

Here are a few recommendations on where to look for speakers. Remember that great presenters are all around and you can use other resources than these to find speakers if necessary.


Never underestimate the members of your own user group. Some of the best presentations are made by them as they know the audience and their expectations, also the members of your JBUG might have some interesting contacts in their personal network.

Universities and Schools

Consider inviting professors and students to present at your meetings. Keep in mind that they would not only present at your JBUG but may also promote the group to the school/university if asked.

Red Hat Partners

Red Hat partners or other resellers appreciate creating partnerships with local user groups, they may help with presenters, equipment and facilities.

Project teams

Member of the various JBoss project teams always enjoy presenting material on their latest releases and talking about upcoming features.


Some companies send presenters to JBUGs whenever possible, some of them might help you by sending demonstration materials.

Other interest groups near your region might be able to give you some advises for finding speakers.