In order to promote efficiently JBoss user groups gatherings and publish the event information as accurate and quickly as possible we would like to enable to every JBUG leader the possibility to promote their events on the JBoss community calendar without being forced to go through the usual process with the contact form.

Here's the steps you should follow in order to promote your events:

1. Create a Google Calendar:

2. Send back the Google Calendar link by using the contact form

We will then aggregate you calendar if it respects the following condition:

1. The event descriptions are written in English.

2. The promoted events should be hosted by the JBUG or by a member of the JBUG.

3. In order to avoid redundant events in the calendar you should not promote an event in the calendar that is not hosted by your JBUG or presented by a member of your JBUG, e.g. Do not create a calendar event like JBoss world in your calendar.

4. When creating an event, please use the following format in the event description. (Please, take note that the html elements are removed if you access the editor after an event has already created.)

<p>[Brief description of the event]</p>

<p><b>Traget audience</b></p>

[Brief description of the target audience.]


[Start time]-[End time] [Activity]
<br>[Start time]-[End time] [Activity]


[Name] – [Job Title], [Company]
<br>[Name] – [Job Title], [Company]




[Name/Company Name]
<br>[Number] + [Street]
<br>[City Area/District]
<br>[Postal Code] + [City/Town/Village]

[Phone N° of the venue]

<p><b>How to register:</b></p>

[Link to a registration form]
<br>[Phone N° for registration]