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This Week in JBoss - 10th March 2023

Romain Pelisse

Welcome to another installment of our JBoss editorial! And without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.



If you want to catch up with Kafka, last’s week Kafka Monthly Digest is for you! And you also want to dig further with this article on configuring Knative Broker for Apache Kafka or this comparaison between ActiveMQ and Kafka. Also worth mentioning, we just released an Ansible collection to automate Kafka deployment using Ansible.


Two more article before we end this installment. First, one on Overhauling memory tuning in OpenJDK containers, certainly a topic interesting to anyone deploying Java app inside containers. The second one is from yours truly, it’s about using Ansible to set up and configure your own SSO with Keycloak. I hope you’ll enjoy it! And that note…​

That’s all folks! Please join us again in two weeks for another round of our JBoss editorial!

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