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Research Projects at JBoss

Red Hat/JBoss has a great track record of involvement with a range of long term research projects. Including:


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This is an EU funded research project that JBoss participated with and specifically the Infinispan project. Cloud-TM is a highly innovative data-centric middleware platform aimed at facilitating development and abating operational and administration costs of cloud applications. Designed from the grounds up to meet the scalability and dynamicity requirements of cloud infrastructures, Cloud-TM provides intuitive, yet powerful abstractions aimed at masking complexity and at allowing ordinary programmers to unleash the potentiality of large-scale cloud platforms. Further, Cloud-TM integrates pervasive self-tuning schemes, which exploit in a synergic way diverse methodologies like analytical modelling, simulation and machine learning, to pursue optimal efficiency at any scale, and for any workload.

Cloud-TM Reference Architecture

Further details can be found at the Cloud-TM homepage.


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LEADS is a research project funded by the European Commission under the FP7. LEADS proposes Data-as-a-Service as a solution to the need for small actors to take advantage of big public data, by mutualizing the costs of extracting, storing and processing public data, while offering rich and extensible possibilities, including privacy-protecting querying on public and private data including data updated in real-time, and more.

LEADS Reference Architecture

Further details can be found at the LEADS homepage.


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SERECA is a research project found by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. SERECA (Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications) focuses on Cloud security for reactive applications. Cloud security is of immediate concern to organizations that must comply with strict confidentiality and integrity policies. More broadly, security has emerged as a commercial imperative for cloud computing across a wide range of markets. The lack of adequate security guarantees is becoming the primary barrier to the broad adoption of cloud computing. The SERECA project proposes to develop secure enclaves, a new technique that exploits secure commodity CPU hardware for cloud deployments, empowering applications to ensure their own security without relying on public cloud operators. In this context, Red Hat provides its expertise on reactive applications and propose security extensions to the Eclipse Vert.x toolkit.

Further details can be found at the SERECA homepage.


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This project aims to widen and accelerate the adoption of cloud services (including business-critical services) by resolving data security issues through the development of a solution for flexible data management. Data security and flexibility in the cloud is the number one barrier to more expansive cloud adoption by organisations (IDC, 2012). This project will address these issues by developing a Data Management Broker which will enable organisations to; a) use customer-focussed SLAs to capture data requirements, b) ensure requirements are mapped to appropriate data storage and management solutions, c) capture audit requirements for governance. Currently, there is no automatic technical solution to migrate data intelligently to the most appropriate (cost, safety, etc) data store. The consortium leverages existing background technologies and brings together expertise in cloud platform provisioning, service agreements, policy management, collaborative data management and analysis.

Further details can be found at the TSB homepage.