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Why Subscribe to JBoss?

We get it. What you get from our open source projects is pretty great. And frankly, this stuff doesn't cost you a dime. So, why should you even consider paying or, even worse, asking someone with the budget to pay for Red Hat JBoss Middleware?

Well, it's pretty simple, and there is real value to developers from our enterprise subscriptions.

3 Developer Benefits

World Class Developer Support

In addition to our public forums and community-driven wikis, you also get access to our official Product Forums, which are monitored by our own engineers as well as your peers. And you can always turn to Red Hat Global Support Services, if you need customized assistance. Red Hat has had the best support in Middleware for the last 5 years. Learn more >>

Same Stuff, Enterprized

It's the same stuff you were using before, but "Enterprized". Red Hat give you the same "bits", rather than providing a cut-down free version. The icing on the cake is the extensive quality engineering, testing and security auditing that we perform on all Red Hat Enterprise products. We fully test and certify over 20 different operating system and JVM combinations, and 13 databases. All of these certifications last for the full lifecycle of the product release. These facts should keep your ops team happy!

Red Hat is a Trusted Partner

Red Hat is a globally recognized enterprise IT vendor. Your management will get out of your way. Your bosses won't have to worry about risks like "is this stuff real?" or "will those guys be around in a year?" or any of those other vendor questions you don't feel like researching and writing up.

Still have Questions?

Have more questions? Contact us to learn more.

More capability, less cost

Delivered via subscription. So you pay for what's most important to you.


Software that works.

No vendor lock-in

The development process is open. The technology is open. There are no secrets, no surprises, no lock-in.

Award-winning support

Ranked highest in customer satisfaction over Oracle, IBM, and BEA in an independent study 2 years running.


Just ask our customers why they trust Red Hat JBoss Middleware with their mission-critical applications.

Modular architecture

Robust enough to handle large, complex Java™ EE workloads, yet agile and flexible enough to run lighter ones.