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What is Devoxx4Kids?

Devoxx4Kids is a worldwide effort to get kids excited about technology with the hope that many of them will become producers of technology in the future. This is achieved by organizing a variety of hands-on workshops where children build computer games, program robots, build circuits, program microcontrollers etc. and have fun. They experience and then explore technology by working with peers and instructors.


Devoxx4Kids Day at JavaOne 2014

What is Red Hat doing with Devoxx4Kids?

What is Red Hat doing?

Red Hat realizes the importance of engaging kids at an early age. To support this cause, Red Hat is a platinum sponsor of this effort. Arun Gupta, a Red Hatter, also leads the effort in the US and drives the local San Francisco Bay Area chapter.

Upcoming Events

Devoxx4Kids at Red Hat Summit (US) - 06/11/2015

Chapters with Red Hat Involvement

Devoxx4Kids is a global effort and has chapters all over the world from USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, and many other countries.

The following chapters have active Red Hat participation:
San Francisco Bay Area - Arun Gupta
Vancouver, Canada - Kevin Conner and Brian Leathem
Sophia-Antipolis, France - Corinne Krych, Sébastien Blanc and Stéphane Épardaud

Red Hat: Open Playground

Devoxx4Kids at Red Hat Summit and DevNation

Red Hat is hosting a Devoxx4Kids event that will invite technology educators and kids together on Sunday, Jun 21 in Boston, MA.

Give a Workshop

What are some of the suggested topics that can be submitted for the workshops?

This is an opportunity for developers and educators who would like to give a 2-hour hands-on workshop to kids from 6-16 years old. Presenters will need to arrange all the software and hardware required for the lab, except laptops which will be provided.

Suggested Topics

  • Do you like to tinker with Tynker, Scratch, Blockly, Greenfoot or any other such technology?
  • Have you been giving workshops on LEGO, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Intel Galileo, or any other fancy boards?
  • Would you like to show a real practical use case of Internet of Things to kids using simple software and hardware?
  • Teach kids workshops on basic principles of Open Source?

Submit A Workshop Today

We have room to run 6 exciting technology workshops for kids, one track for 6-10 years and another for 10-16 years. Want to help support the event by presenting a workshop? Just fill in the form.

How to Engage


You can provide sponsorships of different types:

  • Money: Enables us to work with underprivileged community and donate computers and accessories to them. With enough money, possibly help them build infrastructure as well.
  • Giveaways: T Shirts, hats, beanies, hoodies, stickers, pens, stress balls, playing cards, anything else.
  • Provide snacks for the workshop attendees.
  • Provide hardware, such as older laptops, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LEGO EV3, anything else.
  • Volunteer to drive a workshop

Host an event

Be a host of Devoxx4Kids event at your workplace. Our events are typically on weekends and require about 15 - 50 kids in a classroom/round table seating, with power strip. Some workshops may require Internet connection.

Be an instructor

We are always looking for instructors on different topics. HTML programming, web applications, any programming language, Android, iOS, Internet of Things, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, anything at all.

Localize workshop material

Workshop content is available here. Pick any workshop, create a localize version in your language, and send a pull request.

Create new workshops

Start new workshops for content that does not already exist.