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Red Hat JBoss Middleware Awards

Over the years Red Hat and JBoss have received many awards for our products, projects, teams and individuals. These have included the Duke’s Choice Award for Netty because of the project’s performance, reliability and ease of use, and Gavin King who became a Java Champion for his contributions to the Java Community. We’re always grateful to receive these awards on behalf of Red Hat and our communities; we strive to ensure that we’re living up to the ideals that resulted in them being awarded on a daily basis. In these pages we list some of the awards that we have received in various categories. We thank everyone who is involved in the nominations and voting processes for these and future awards, irrespective of whether or not we eventually win.

Java Champions

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected. Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help grow successful adoption and development of the Java Platforms and language. Members come from a broad cross-section of the Java community and are Java luminaries, senior developers, architects, and consultants but also Academics, Java User Group leader and many others who are an important part of the Java ecosystem.

JBoss Community members to receive this award:

Every year we commission independent research firm Velociti Partners to initiate a survey comparing Red Hat customer service with some of our key competitors; and every year we are excited about the results. And 2011 is no exception as we’re pleased to announce that, for the fifth year in a row, Red Hat customers ranked JBoss Enterprise Middleware No. 1 for customer satisfaction. Red Hat’s consistently high customer satisfaction rankings are largely due to the company’s focus on the customer. This focus is derived from Red Hat's ability to provide customers with the solutions they need to achieve their business goals more quickly, as well as award-winning support during a project’s lifecycle, from initial development to mission-critical, 24x7 production issues.

2013 - WildFly

The Great Java Application Server Debate is a specialized Survey run by ZeroTurnaround and reflected the overall developer view on Java EE application servers. JBoss WildFly is the only application server in the group whose score never dropped below a 4, and interestingly the received the joint fewest top marks of 5 in the categories. JBoss WildFly consistently performs very well in each category which is why it also shines in the developer profiles exercise.

Beside the above mentioned awards, the JBoss Community and ecosystem holds a lot more. Individuals receive the JBoss Heroes Awards and there is a long list of JBoss Commmunity Recognition Awards winners. A vibrant community deserves recognition and we are proud of all of our contributors and successful projects.