PicketLink FAQs

Is it tied to Wildfly Application Server only?

It is our desire that our project is as generic as possible.PicketLink can be run in any standard Java environment or Java Web Container. Integration with Wildfly Application Server is optimal.

Can it do Fine Grained Authorization as a Service?

PicketLink provides that following services that can be used for Fine Grained Authorization needs.

  • WSDL Enabled SOAP Based PDP Service.
  • PDP Service over HTTP.

Auditing Support available?

PicketLink provides audit capabilities via extensive logging.  When used on Wildfly Application Server, we provide audit trails.

What about Interoperability with other SSO/Identity Systems?

Since PicketLink is a community open source project, we have a large number of community users always trying PicketLink against their favorite SSO systems - both commerical as well as open source.

Here are some of the links that you may find useful.

Additionally, community donated guides are here: