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Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Data grids are in-memory distributed databases designed for scalability and fast access to large volumes of data.  More than just a distributed caching solution, data grids also offer additional functionality such as map/reduce, querying, processing for streaming data, and transaction capabilities.  

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid supercharges today's modern applications and allows developers to meet tough requirements of high performance, availability, reliability, and elastic scale. JBoss Data Grid is compatible with the existing data tier as well as applications written in any language, using any framework and any platform via multiple APIs such as memcached, HotRod, and REST. Developers obtain a streamlined approach to standing up new applications, avoiding the challenges normally associated with integrating applications and traditional databases. A subscription includes management tooling (via the JBoss Operations Network plug-in), unlimited access for remote clients, and advanced functionality making JBoss Data Grid an ideal solution for cost-effectively supercharging today's modern applications.

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Maven Repository

Download a local copy of the Maven Repository.


Launch your data grid project with these Quickstarts


Easily monitor Red Hat JBoss Data Grid with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

JBoss Data Grid automatically rebalances with nodes are added and removed from the grid

JBoss Data Grid enables fast parallel processing and map/reduce for large data volumes


Get cross-datacenter replication and zero downtime upgrades with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Supercharge your web applications using JBoss Data Grid

NoSQL: No sweat with JBoss Data Grid

Is your big data solution a big drag?  Boost performance with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and Intel

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JBoss Data Grid 6.2 Documentation


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Features of Note


Easily search and find an object without needing to know the object's assigned key.


Perform large scale, in-memory computations in parallel across the cluster.


Applications written in any language, using any framework can easily access and share data in the grid.


Upgrade from one version to the next with uninterrupted performance.


Implement "follow the sun" capabilities and geographic data partitioning with failover for fault tolerance, near caching, zero downtime and load balancing.

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