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There are many resources available for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, here on JBoss Developer, on the Red Hat Customer Portal, and on the internet. On this page, we highlight our pick of those resources.


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Apache Camel Component Reference
Apache Camel Development Guide
Apache CXF Development Guide
Apache CXF Security Guide
API Reference
Cloud Computing with Fabric
Console Reference
Deploying into a Web Server
Deploying into the Container
Fabric Guide
Getting Started
Installation Guide
JON Performance Metrics Reference
Management Console User Guide
Managing OSGi Dependencies
Migration Guide
Release Notes
Security Guide
Tooling Tutorials
Tooling User Guide
Transaction Guide
XML Configuration Reference
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  • Video Thumbnail09:15

    JBoss Fuse : Loan Broker Demo : on laptop


    Added 2014-01-21

    It shows how, from a Fuse container, to create an ActiveMQ message broker cluster; then run the Loan Broker demo and view the activity on the ActiveMQ

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The following demos walk through different technologies and use cases for JBoss Fuse

Title Technology Use Case Details
Rider auto OSGI Camel, ActiveMQ, CXF, JAXB, Blueprint Endpoint, Bean, Choice, When, Unmarshal, Convertbody, SetBody, InOnly, Transform

This example is based on a fictional motorcycle parts business used throughout the Camel in Action book. Orders from customers come in via a webservice or a file based endpoint and are sent to a 'incoming orders' JMS queue. A separate bundle takes the incoming orders and normalizes them from the possible order formats (XML, CSV or CSL) to a POJO format. Processed orders end up in the 'orders' JMS queue.

Camel dynamic routing Camel, Blueprint, Spring, Jetty, ActiveMQ Endpoint, Log, ReciepientList, SetBody, InOnly, Transform

This example shows how to use Apache Camel, and its OSGi integration to dynamically route messages to new or updated OSGi bundles.

SMX Bootstraps Camel, Blueprint, Jetty Endpoint, Log, SetBody

This example contains a set of OSGi bundles that bootstrap the use of JBoss Fuse. It is intended as a starting point for the creation of additional bundles, and as a guide to using Fuse features.

Horo app Camel, Spring, MyBatis, H2

This example presents a sample app for aggregating and re-presenting horoscopes. It is designed to highlight a number of areas for discussion that are usually overlooked.

Camel persistence part 1 Camel, Spring, H2, HSQL, JDBC, Camel-Bindy, JPA Endpoint, SetBody, Split, Log, ConvertBody, Bean

This example illustrates database persistence with Camel from simple to more elaborate. This covers persistence using JDBC drivers and JPA by using the Camel SQL component.

Camel persistence part 2 Camel, Spring, ActiveMQ, H2, DBCP, OpenJPA, Bindy, JDBC Endpoint, Bean, Aggregate, Log, IdempotentConsumer, Unmarshal, Split, Transacted, Transform, Filter, Multicast, Pipeline, ThrowException, Choice, When, Otherwise, Try, Catch

This example covers transaction management with JBoss Fuse, Camel and persistent EIPs.

SMX WS examples Camel, CXF, SOAP, JAXB, Jetty Endpoint, SetHeader, Log, Transform, LoadBalance, ConvertBody

This example contains a set of OSGi bundles that demonstrate web services in JBoss Fuse using CXF and Camel.

SMX application plugins Camel, Jetty Endpoint, Transform, Choice, When, Otherwise, Recipientlist

This example contains a sample integration application that demonstrates how to extend the integration capabilities of a core process at runtime via hot-deployable application level plugins.

Servicemix 4 example payment service Camel, JAXB, CXF, Spring, ActiveMX Endpoint, Unmarshal, Marshal, Bean, Split, InOut, Transform

This project is an example of using OSGi, Camel, and JBoss Fuse together.

Hello Camel Camel, Spring, Jetty Endpoint, Transform

This example demonstrates a minimal Camel project that creates an OSGi bundle, has a unit test and a test client that uses Camel.

File batch splitter Camel, Spring Endpoint, Split, SetHeader

This example demonstrates how to consume files from the file system and split the content of the file into multiple messages using Apache Camel.

ESB transactions Camel, ActiveMQ, Hibernate, JPA

This example will show you how to leverage the JTA transaction manager provided by JBoss Fuse when working with JMS or JTA Camel endpoints.

Camel Example TCP/IP proxy Camel, Spring, Mina Endpoint, SetBody, Log, LoadBalance

This example describes a simple prototype that demonstrates the use of Fuse to manage TCP/IP controller failover.

Fabric8 endpoint testing Camel, Blueprint, Fabric8 Endpoint, SetBody, Log

This example presents a sample app for the usage of fabric endpoints. It contains a simple client which sends messages to the consumer and logs the conversation.

Managing a Deployment using Fabric8