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Red Hat JBoss Web Server

Red Hat® JBoss® Web Server is a fully-integrated and certified set of components for hosting of Java™ web applications. It combines the world's most deployed web server (Apache™ HTTP Server),  the top servlet engine (Apache™ Tomcat), load balancers (mod_jk and mod_cluster), and the Tomcat Native library, with the best support in middleware. JBoss Web Server simplifies the use of popular open source software by  providing stable, enterprise-class versions of Apache software that is backed with long-term enterprise product life-cycles.  


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Features of Note


Simplify your use of popular open source software and avoid integration and version conflicts. A single subscription includes certified and integrated software with everything you need to build and maintain simple web applications.


Keep your environment secure by taking advantage of the Red Hat dedicated security response team, which tracks security tissues, defines criticality, outlines impacted use cases, and delivers critical security updates as they are identified.


Enjoy stable versions of popular open source software backed with long-term, predictable enterprise product lifecycles. Each release benefits from predictable updates that include defect fixes and non-intrusive features and maintains application compatibility for up to five years.


Each subscription includes access to the Red Hat enterprise IT operations portal for software management, including update and alert notifications. Easily manage configurations, inventory your applications, and deploy updates across your enterprise within seconds.

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