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JBoss at JavaOne

Our featured theme this year is xPaaS, bringing your preferred deployments to the OpenShift Cloud Application Platform. To that end, we've been building tighter and lasting relationships with the OpenShift team as we continue to build support for a broad range of services from Java Enterprise to Fuse integration to Unified Mobile Push. This year we've piloted a new program to bring a taste of our engineers' technical material to a worldwide audience, and have made available eleven presentations from our booth on the expo floor:

Mythbusters: ORMs and SQL - Good or Bad? - Emmanuel Bernard
Developing Modern Mobile Applications - Sebastien Blanc 
Develop Modern Java Web Applications w/ Java EE7 - Grant Shipley 
Scaling Your Database With Infinispan - Mircea Markus 
The Path to CDI 2.0 - Antoine Sabot-Durand 
Automatically scaling Java applications in the cloud - Steve Pousty 
Building Java EE Applications FAST - George Gastaldi & Lincoln Baxter
Test ride of the Arquillian Universe - A. Knutsen & B. Majsak 
Ceylon's fast-growing ecosystem - Stephane Epardaud 
Going Native: Bringing FFI to the JVM - Charles Nutter 
Java and Mongo for a fun mapping experience - Steve Citron-Pousty


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