A JBoss Project
Red Hat



How to build the project

The project is built using Apache Maven (version 3.0 or above from http://maven.apache.org/). Version 3 is required by the Tycho maven plugins, which are used to build an Eclipse update site and maven artifacts. Therefore you will need to ensure you have the correct version installed on your machine before attempting this step.

The first step is to check-out the development/java/trunk in the Scribble SVN repository. The link to the repository can be found in the Source Code menu item.

If the repository is checked out to a local folder (e.g. $scribble_root), then use the following command to build the main distribution:

mvn clean install -Pdocs,qa

The -P option can be used to request additional parts of the build to be performed:

docs -This profile causes the documentation to be generated and placed in the docs folder of the distribution.

qa – This profile causes QA tests to be performed on the built project.

If the -P option is not specified, then a reduced build will be performed, and the resulting distribution will not include documentation.

When the build has completed, the distribution will be located in the distribution/target folder.

The next step is to build the Eclipse update site. This is achieved by executing the following commands:

cd tools
mvn clean install -B -e -P helios-remote-target,\!helios -DBUILD_ALIAS=<suffix>

(where <suffix> could be SNAPSHOT, M<n>, CR<n> or Final - where <n> is a number).

The Eclipse update site will be available within tools/site/target (either packed in site_assembly.zip or unpacked in the site sub-folder).