Currently our specifications are moderated by Red Hat mainly because we started the effort.  We are open to other individuals, companies, or organizations driving new and existing work.  Just let us know your interest and we can work something out.  Over time, we will be establishing more structure based on input from community members.  Right now the goverance policies will remain very loose and creation of the specifications will be a group effort.

Each specification is created with open source processes and open source licenses.  While creating the specification is a group effort, editing and publishing the document may require a "contributor agreement".  This agreement will simply say that you agree that all your submissions are licensed under an open source license.  Open source organizations like Apache, Eclipse, and all have agreements like this before you obtain commit access to their projects.  Joining the mailing lists of each specification will not require such an agreement.

When our first specifications get released we will be submitting them to the IETF.  This will allow our specifications to live within a trusted organization with well defined rules of engagement.

Some other disclaimers:

  • Specifications may not require any field of use restrictions or fees.
  • Specifications must be discussed in the open on a public mailing list.
  • All drafts, source code, and any issue tracking system must be made available for anyone to read.
  • Specifications and any distributed source code must be licensed under ASL 2.0.
  • Anyone can contribute.