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JUDCon is offering a wide variety of sessions from which to choose. Select a session title to view a full description and biography of the speakers. Agenda is subject to change.

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NoSQL & Data

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Rules, Process & Integration

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8:30 AM Check-in and Registration
9:30 Session 1

Go fast, go Openshift, go MongoDB!

Fernando Boaglio

Red Hat Mobile Strategy

Rich Sharples

ActiveMQ for high availability

Sergio Fantin

10:30 Session 2

Data Virtualization and the benefits of a Canonical Data Model in Modern Applications

Thiago Araki

Java EE Application Security with PicketLink

Pedro Igor Craveiro e Silva

Recruitment process and rules automation with jBPM and Drools

Mauricio Bitencourt

11:20 Break
11:40 Session 3

Lucene from the bottom up

Gustavo Fernandes

Setting up and running WildFly and RHQ on Docker/Fedora

Paulo Jeronimo

Getting Started with SOA using Switchyard

Luan Cestari 

12:30 Lunch
01:40 KEYNOTE - Rich Sharples - ´╗┐The future of Middleware in the Open Hybrid Cloud
02:30 Break
03:00 Session 4

CDI extensions and Apache DeltaSpike

Rafael Benevides

Case Studies in Testable Development with Enterprise Java


Sneak Peek of upcoming Drools/jBPM Workbenches

Alexandre Porcelli

04:00 Session 5

ID-as-a-Service and SSO with OpenShift

Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira

The use of JBoss and JEE technologies to manage security-critical applications on mobile devices

Otávio Henrique Vieira Sanchez - Romulo Zanco Neto - Alexandre Melo Braga

Real Time Complex Event Monitoring

Guna Vijayaratnam

05:00 Session 6

Mobile Push for All Platforms

Daniel Passos

All Things OpenShift

Fabiano Franz

Complex Events Processing and the Internet Of Things

Ray Ploski

06:00 Happy Hour