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An open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

JBoss Fuse is an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with an elastic footprint that supports integration beyond the data center. The ability to deploy JBoss Fuse in several different configurations enables intelligent integration to all facets of your business - on premise or in the Cloud.

JBoss Fuse for xPaaS extends the integration capabilities to OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.


Pattern based integration framework

Leverage Apache Camel to provide a full-featured, easy-to-use and intuitive framework for quicker integration solutions.


Dynamic configuration and management

Change configuration while container is running. Easily deploy or update services across nodes while the ESB is running.


Multiple connectivity options

Connect to external applications with connectors for JDBC, FTP/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, file,, SAP, Twitter, and more.

JBoss Fuse Overview


JBoss Fuse combines several technologies like core Enterprise Service Bus capabilities (based on Apache Camel, Apache CXF, Apache ActiveMQ), Apache Karaf and Fabric8 in a single integrated distribution.

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Apache Camel

Compose your applications from Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) based on the popular Hohpe and Woolf EIPs.

Apache CXF

Integrate applications with SOAP, XML/HTTP and RESTful HTTP.

Apache ActiveMQ

Provides core messaging within the ESB and for integrating with other applications.

Apache Karaf

Offers a lightweight OSGI-based runtime container for managing the components that compose your applications.


Makes it simple to manage large and distributed, JBoss Fuse deployments from a central location.

JBoss Developer Studio provides an easy-to-use integration development environment built on Eclipse. The JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack provides tooling for developing, configuring and deploying Fuse applications.

Fuse Management Console is based on the hawtio web console. You can now start, stop, measure and trace Camel routes on-premise or in the cloud.

New Features

Try the exciting new features:

  • Full support of AMQP 1.0 - provides wire-level compatibility across connections

  • Vast library of connectors - over 150+ out-of-the-box-connectors via Apache Camel

  • Managed integration routes - start, stop, measure and trace Camel routes on-premise or in the Cloud

  • Improved high availability (HA) - embedded message store for shared-nothing HA

Integration Everywhere

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JBoss Fuse includes industry-standard integration patterns so you can easily configure and manage a network of integration brokers. These patterns, when used with the flexible and cost-effective ESB, allow you to deploy and connect customized solutions at every distributor, outlet, and partner, eliminating batch delivery and hub-and-spoke architectures forever.

We encourage you to download JBoss Fuse, and see for yourself if it meets your needs.


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