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Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works


An open source service design, development and integration platform that speeds up cloud integration.

JBoss Fuse Service Works is Red Hat’s middleware solution for application integration, messaging, SOA, and service governance requirements. It combines the core ESB technology from JBoss Fuse and technical innovations from popular open source communities like SwitchYard and Overlord.


Create reusable business services

Build reusable and flexible business services that hide the complexity of connecting to disparate applications through routing and transformations.


Control access to business services

Store and explore business services, set policies for access to business services, collaborate, and reuse.


Improve visibility

View service activity, define SLA’s, analyze performance, find problems and respond effectively

JBoss Fuse Service Works Overview

JBoss Fuse Service Works is the next version of Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform with additional capabilities.

Want a services platform to create reusable, changeable, flexible business services that hide the complexity of connecting to different applications? Want the capability to manage the lifecycle of services from design, development through deployment? Require a platform that sets the stage for faster and easier cloud, mobile application and business process application development projects? Try JBoss Fuse Service Works 6.0.0.GA!

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What is new in JBoss Fuse Service Works

Besides the new name, the latest release (version 6.0) incorporates core ESB technology from JBoss Fuse and numerous service management and governance capabilities. New features include:

Core ESB based on JBoss Fuse:

  • Apache Camel - enterprise integration pattern framework

  • Apache CXF - webServices, REST

  • Apache ActiveMQ - robust, high performance messaging

Additional value provided by JBoss Fuse Service Works:

  • Lightweight structured service development Framework

  • Service Governance

  • Business Transaction Monitoring

JBoss Fuse or JBoss Fuse Service Works?

JBoss Fuse and JBoss Fuse Service Works share the same core ESB components.

With JBoss Fuse Service Works, you get additional capabilities like structured service development framework, service orchestration, rules processing, service governance and business transaction monitoring.

Fuse Service Works Overview, Part 2


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