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JBoss® Developer Studio provides superior support for your entire development lifecycle. It includes a broad set of tooling capabilities and support for multiple programming models and frameworks, including Java™ Enterprise Edition 6, RichFaces, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Hibernate®, JAX-RS with RESTEasy, Contexts Dependency Injection (CDI), HTML5, and many other popular technologies. It provides developer choice in supporting multiple JVMs, productivity with Maven, and in testing with Arquillian. It is fully tested and certified to ensure that all its plug-ins, runtime components, and their dependencies are compatible with each other


Eclipse Based

Built on Eclipse, it provides superior support for your entire development lifecycle. It includes features that will help you quickly get started developing java applications.


Broad set of tooling capabilities

Provides developer choice by including a broad set of tooling capabilities for multiple programming models and frameworks. Easily performs JBoss and OpenShift deployment models with hot deployment support.


Mobile made easy

With LiveReload, BrowserSim, and jQuery Mobile Tools, we make developing for mobile environments simple.

JBoss Developer Studio Overview


About "Referenced file contains errors" for ironjacamar datasources

The last few days an error have started popping up during validation of all our existing JBoss archetypes and examples….

New HTML Preview is taking shape!

In this article I’m happy to introduce you a brand new HTML Preview without XULRunner…

Web resource optimization and Maven Profiles

Some time ago, I described how to perform CSS and JS minification using Eclipse and WRO4J, thanks to m2e-wro4j…

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JBoss Developer Studio


jQuery Mobile

This video demoinstrates the new jQuery Mobile palatte in JBoss Developer Studio 7.

Forge Wizards

This screencast provides a quick demonstration of the new Forge Wizards in action.

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