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Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization

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Get Started

Instructions for Installation

  1. Download JBoss Data Virtualization 6.0.0.GA Jar (Installer). Or See all downloads.

  2. Make sure you have a JDK of your choice installed. We recommend OpenJDK or Oracle JDK.

    1. For JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 Beta, open a terminal window and navigate to where the GUI installer was downloaded. Then enter the command in to launch the GUI installer:

      java -jar jboss-dv-installer-6.1.0.Beta-redhat-1.jar
    2. You can now (optionally) install the Integration Stack for JBoss Developer Studio. This provides IDE support for developing JBoss Data Virtualization applications. For more details, see the installation instructions. For JBoss Data Virtualization 6.0.0 GA follow the instructions for installing JBoss Developer Studio 7 and the Integration Stack. For JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1.0 Beta follow the instructions for installing JBoss Developer Studio 8 and the Early Access version of Integration Stack.

    For more details, view the Getting Started Guide.

Configure Apache™ Maven

  1. Locate the Maven install directory for your operating system. It is usually installed in ${user.home}/.m2/.

    For Linux or Mac


    For Windows

    \Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\.m2\ -or- \Users\USER_NAME\.m2\

  2. If you have an existing settings.xml file, rename it so you can restore it later.

    For Linux or Mac

    mv ~/.m2/settings.xml ~/.m2/settings-backup.xml

    For Windows

    ren "\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\.m2\settings.xml" settings-backup.xml or ren "\Users\USER_NAME\.m2\settings.xml" settings-backup.xml

  3. If you have an existing repository/ directory, rename it so you can restore it later. For example

    For Linux or Mac

    mv ~/.m2/repository/ ~/.m2/repository-backup/

    For Windows

    ren "\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\.m2\repository\" repository-backup or ren "\Users\USER_NAME\.m2\repository\" repository-backup

  4. Copy the settings.xml file from the root of the quickstarts directory to your Maven install directory.

    For Linux or Mac

    cp QUICKSTART_HOME/settings.xml ~/.m2/settings.xml

    For Windows

    copy QUICKSTART_HOME/settings.xml \Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\.m2\settings.xml or copy QUICKSTART_HOME/settings.xml \Users\USER_NAME\.m2\settings.xml

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