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Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization

Turn siloed, fragmented data into actionable information at your business speed.

We are announcing the general availability and public launch of the Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization v6 (formerly known as Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform).

The volume, velocity and variety of data in the enterprises are on the rise.  The need to transform this data into actionable information is a top business priority.  However, many organizations struggle to gain operational and anlytical insights due to the inability to effectively utilize data trapped in disparate applications and technology silos.

JBoss Data Virtualization is complete data provisioning, federation, integration and management solution that enables organizations to gain actionable and unified information.  Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization enables agile data utilization in 3 easy steps:

  1. Connect: Access data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources.
  2. Compose: Easily create reusable, business-friendly logical data models and views by combining and transforming data.
  3. Consume: Make unified data easily consumable through open standard interfaces.

Download JBoss Data Virtualization 6

Turn data into actionable information @ business speed


Installation Instructions | Download Source

Registration required. Downloads require accepting the terms and conditions of the JBoss Developer Program which provides $0 subscriptions for development use only.

Consume, Compose, Connect

The simplicity offered by JBoss Data Virtualization software enables organization to acquire actionable, unified information when they want and the way they want; i.e. at the business speed; for enlightened business execution and adapt to changing business demands. Combined with ease of development, JBoss Data Virtualization is ideally suited for many strategic IT projects and initiatives:

Self-Service Business Intelligence: The virtual, reusable data model provides business-friendly representation of data, allowing the user to interact with their data without having to know the complexities of their database or where the data is stored and allowing multiple BI tools to acquire data from centralized data layer.

Unified 360◦ View: Deliver a complete view of master & transactional data in real-time. The virtual data layer serves as a unified, enterprise-wide view of business information that improves users’ ability to understand and leverage enterprise data.

Agile SOA Data Services: A data virtualization layer delivers the data services layer to SOA applications. Data Virtualization shortens the creation of data services that encapsulate the data access logic and allowing multiple business service to acquire data from centralized data layer and provide loose coupling between business services and physical data sources.

Better Compliance Control: Data virtualization layer deliver the data firewall functionality. Data Virtualization improves data quality via centralized access control, robust security infrastructure and reduction in physical copies of data thus reducing risk. Furthermore, the metadata repository catalogs enterprise data locations and the relationships between the data in various data stores, enabling transparency and visibility.

JBoss Data Virtualization help organizations to manage their data as a strategic asset, ensuring that relevant, trusted data can be delivered quickly when, where and how needed to support the changing needs of the business.

Get Started

Installation Instructions

Prerequisites: Oracle JDK 1.6, 1.7 or OpenJDK 1.6 or 1.7

Instructions for installing JBoss Data Virtualization:

1. Download the JBoss Data Virtualization installer binary by clicking the green download button.

2. Run the installer using Java at the command prompt:

java -jar jboss-dv-installer-VERSION.jar

3. Follow the installer prompts to complete the installation process.  See the videos below for more details.

4. When the installation is complete, navigate to 

Unix/Linux: EAP_HOME/bin and run the ./

Windows: EAP_HOME\bin and run standalone.bat

Instructions for installing JBoss Developer Studio and Data Virtualization tools:

1. If you don't already have JBoss Developer Studio 7.1, download it by clicking the green download button here:

2. Run the JBDS installer using Java at the command prompt:

java -jar {jbdevstudio-installer.jar}

3. Follow the installer prompts to complete the installation process.  See the videos here: for additional information on the install process.

4. When the installation is complete, run JBoss Developer Studio 7.1.

5. From the JBDS menu bar, choose Help->Install New Software...

6. In the "Work with:" field on the Install wizard, paste the following link:

7. Check JBoss Data Virtualization Development in the list and click Next.

8. Acknowledge prompts and complete the Install wizard.

9. Restart JBoss Developer Studio.



Getting Started with Data Virtualization, Parts 1 - 3:


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Deliver agile business intelligence using data virtualization

Gain better insights from big data

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New capabilities and features

  • Hadoop integration (Hive)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB - Tech Preview) and JBoss Data Grid
  • OData support
  • SaaS integration (
  • Rapid data visualization and reporting capability
  • New Teiid Designer 8 integrated with JBoss Developer Studio v7
  • Enhanced data sanitization support with column level masking
  • Query optimization with push-down queries support
  • DDL based Virtual DB definitions and import/reuse support
  • Requires only JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, included with subscription
  • Remove dependency on JBoss SOA Platform


 JBoss Data Virutalization Datasheet

Project Information

This product is built on top of the following community project

Supported Data Sources

Enterprise RDBMS:

  • Oracle

  • IBM DB2

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Sybase ASE

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Ingres

Enterprise Data Warehouse:

  • Teradata

  • Netezza

  • Greenplum

Office Productivity:

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Access

  • Google Spreadsheets

Enterprise & Cloud Applications:


  • SAP

Big Data:

  • Apache Hadoop (Hive)


  • JBoss Data Grid (Infinispan)

  • MongoDB

Technology Connectors:

  • Flat Files, XML Files, XML over HTTP

  • SOAP Web Services

  • REST Web Services

  • OData Services

Specialty Data Sources:

  • ModeShape Repository

  • Mondrian

  • MetaMatrix

  • LDAP

More sources coming soon!