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Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Business Decision Management

Red Hat JBoss BRMS is a platform for rules-based programming that combines:

  • Drools Expert, a powerful rule engine,
  • Drools Guvnor, a business rules managment platform, and
  • Drools Fusion, a Complex Event Processing platform,

into a single integrated distribution.

Rules-based applications are compact, powerful and easy to change.  JBoss BRMS includes a full suite of developer tools, and provides a web-based authoring environment for business users to contribute to the design and development of business decision management applications.  The JBoss BRMS runtime uses advanced inferencing algorithms for high performance and efficiency, and can be embedded directly in Java applications, or can run as a service on JBoss EAP.

Included in this release as a technology preview is the new JBoss Business Resource Planner, a lightweight, embeddable planning engine. Business Resource Planner helps organizations manage sets of constrained resources (employees, assets, time, etc.). It enables developers to solve constraint satisfaction problems efficiently, optimizing resource usage to do more business with fewer resources.

Download JBoss BRMS and discover the power of rules-based programming to automate business decisions and create applications that are simple to maintain and update.

Download JBoss BRMS 6.0.1

Our enterprise business rules management system


Download the generic deployable version
Download the Maven Repository


Download Business Resource Planner

JBoss Business Resource Planner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine. It helps organizations that provide products or services with a limited set of constrained resources (employees, assets, time and money). Business Resource Planner enables developers to solve constraint satisfaction problems efficiently, optimizing resource usage to do more business with fewer resources.


Registration required. Downloads require accepting the terms and conditions of the JBoss Developer Program which provides $0 subscriptions for development use only.


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Getting Started

Supplementary Tools

Use JBoss BRMS supplementary tools to configure clustering using Helix and ZooKeeper or to use the command line configuration tool.


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Project Information

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Why Switch to JBoss BRMS?



Features of Note


Leverage the power of declarative logic with business rules to build compact, fast and easy to understand business applications.


Detect, correlate and respond to events across multiple real-time data sources with the built-in Complex Event Processing extensions to the rule language and rule engine.


BRMS now includes a lightweight, embeddable planning engine, the Business Resource Planner, as a technology preview. 


Create complete business applications with ease using comprehensive Browser-based modeling tools for business rules, decision tables, data models, etc.