The JBoss Way

Pete Muir
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat, Inc.
Ray Ploski
Director, Developer Program & Strategy, Red Hat, Inc.

Session Objective

By the end of this session you will understand the resources that the JBoss offers you.

You will have seen how productive you can be with the JBoss stack.


  • What is the JBoss Way
    • Quickstarts & JBoss BOMs
    • Migration
    • Overview of TicketMonster
  • RAD - how to get started, quickly
  • Roadmap
    • What's next?
    • How does DeltaSpike fit in?

What is the JBoss Way?

The JBoss Way shows you how to write applications using JBoss technologies.

  • Learn how to write an application suitable for phones & tablets
  • Learn how to use the Java EE 6 API with JBoss EAP
  • Learn how to use JBoss Data Grid to scale your application


  • 92 Quickstarts, focused on a single use case or API
  • Medium complexity example - TicketMonster, with Apache Cordova & JDG
  • Stacks defined for Java EE, Errai, Hibernate, Arquillian, Transactions and lots more
  • Migration guides for Spring, Seam 2, WebLogic and Java EE 5

Quickstarts & JBoss Stacks

Build An Application in Minutes


JBoss Way Lab on TicketMonster

JBoss Developer Framework: Getting started with Red Hat JBoss EAP

Wednesday 1:20 - 3:20 in Ballroom B


Tentatively September 2013
  • Fuse (Apache Camel)
  • Switchyard
Tentatively December 2013
  • jbpm & Drools

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