The Java Connector Architecture (JCA) defines a standard architecture for connecting the Java EE platform to heterogeneous Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Examples of EISs include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), mainframe transaction processing (TP), database and messaging systems.

The connector architecture defines a set of scalable, secure, and transactional mechanisms that enable the integration of EISs with application servers and enterprise applications.

The connector architecture also defines a Common Client Interface (CCI) for EIS access. The CCI defines a client API for interacting with heterogeneous EISs.

The connector architecture enables an EIS vendor to provide a standard resource adapter for its EIS. A resource adapter is a system-level software driver that is used by a Java application to connect to an EIS. The resource adapter plugs into an application server and provides connectivity between the EIS, the application server, and the enterprise application. The resource adapter serves as a protocol adapter that allows any arbitrary EIS communication protocol to be used for connectivity. An application server vendor extends its system once to support the connector architecture and is then assured of seamless connectivity to multiple EISs. Likewise, an EIS vendor provides one standard resource adapter which has the capability to plug in to any application server that supports the connector architecture.

Use cases for Java EE Connector Architecture

Examples of resource adapters

In short - when ever you have a situation where the system that you want to integrate with doesn't support a standard protocol, or when you want to take advantage of the cool features of Java EE Connector Architecture like pooling, security and transaction integration it is time to write a resource adapter !


Which version ?

The IronJacamar project implements the Java Connector Architecture specification and is available in a stable version, and a developer version.

If you are starting with development you should target the latest developer version in order to get access to the newest features.

IronJacamar 1.0

The IronJacamar 1.0 series targets the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6 and the  Java Enterprise Edition 6 platform specifications, Furthermore the standalone profile defined in the JCA specification is implemented.

The highlights of the release can be found here.

IronJacamar 1.1

IronJacamar 1.1 is the current development version which adds additional features and improvements as compared to version 1.0.

The release targets the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.7 and Java Enterprise Edition 7 platform specifications. Furthermore the standalone profile defined in the JCA specification is implemented.

The highlights of the release can be found here.

Getting Started

  1. Download IronJacamar
  2. Read our overview in our user guide
  3. Check out our HelloWorld example
  4. Run our code generator to generate a project skeleton
  5. Execute the generated Arquillian/ShrinkWrap test case

And be sure, to read our user guide and the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6 specification.

You are most welcome to use our user forum for asking questions about how to best implement your resource adapter.


IronJacamar 1.0.17.Final


IronJacamar 1.1.0.Beta5




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