JBoss at JavaOne 2010

JBoss at JavaOne 2010

Despite the awkward venue and the under-new-management mis-steps - with six conference sessions, a couple of BoFs and an expert panel under our belts, JavaOne was a great event for JBoss with many of our illustrious Core Developers present in full force, including: Dan Allen, Jay Balunas, Emmanuel Bernard, Manik Surtani, Dr. Mark Little, Andrew Lee Rubinger. Congratulations guys.

We again used the developer-friendly “mini-theater” with 30-minute sessions that were mostly about the JBoss projects, presented by the Core Developers themselves since the Developer Community seems to continue to like and appreciate this format.

Videos from the JBoss booth at JavaOne

Check out the videos of conversations and demos presented at the JBoss booth for JavaOne

"Mark Little on Java" with Mark Little
"Getting Started with JBoss" with Noelle Jakusz
"Ashesh Badani on Paas" with Ashesh Badani
"Transactions: Overused or just misunderstood?" with Mark Little
"RichFaces in the Cloud" with Jay Balunas & Alexander Smirnov
"JBoss PaaS" with Mark Little
"SEAM: State of the Union" with Dan Allen
"Going beyond JavaServer Faces 2.0 with RichFaces 4" with Jay Balunas & Alexander Smirnov
"Application management, monitoring, and provisioning with JOPR / JBoss Operations Network" with Noelle Jakusz
"Data-as-a-Service using Infinispan" with Manik Surtani
"What's new in Hibernate: a JPA 2 perspective" with Emmanuel Bernard

During the 3-days the exhibit hall was open, we presented 16 ~30-minute of these mini-sessions in our 10x20 booth - 10 of these were unique. We videoed these and and will make available for replay on Vimeo along with the slide decks here in the coming days.

We also shot some interviews including one with JBoss CTO Dr. Mark Little on the state and future of Java, and Noelle on getting started w/JBoss. We’ll be making those available here Real Soon Now.

The JBoss JavaOne party was held at "The Slide" at 430 Mason Street and it was also a success - over 200 people attended... all the right people, of course! Several people told us that that party was like the JBoss parties from the “old days.” There can be no higher praise!

Net-net, we had a great show, lots of fun, and we believe JBoss had the biggest booth crowds on the exhibit hall floor. Thanks for coming by to see us!

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