JBoss at Devoxx.

Devoxx 2014 - Review

It's been a blast! Thank you all for attending!

Devoxx has grown to be one of the most popular Java conferences series in Europe.  Red Hat believes this event is great for the Java community and again gives it's support as a sponsor. Come by our booth to see the latest demos of our support products and community projects. Stick around for some fun and games and cool give-aways. Visit JBoss Community members at Devoxx University, the Hackergarten or the sessions.

The theme this year was infinite possibilities with the infinity sign being everywhere. During the keynote the infinity sign was then rotated 90 degrees to make an 8 which then translated to Java 8 and Java EE 8. 

JBoss at Devoxx.

Infinite Possibilities with JBoss xPaaS and OpenShift

This year was especially exciting because Red Hat presented a keynote on the future capabilities of PaaS.  Following along with sharing the OpenShift PaaS roadmap. The newest plans to continuously address your business application needs with the speed and efficiency you're looking for.

The slides have been published to Slideshare:

The demonstrated application was called "Instameme" and you can find a more complete blog post which contains all the technical details:

"What is your x? The technical details about the keynote demo at Devoxx"

The integration efforts between newly acquired FeedHenry and AeroGear in more detail are documented in the following posts:
"FeedHenry and Red Hat Pushing ahead with Integrations"
"FeedHenry meets AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!"
"Devoxx keynote Feedhenry AeroGear demo"

The release announcement of "JBoss Fuse and A-MQ for xPaaS":
"Red Hat Launches New Release of OpenShift Enterprise and Adds Private iPaaS"

Red Hat JBoss Fuse is a flexible, small-footprint enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise—on premise or in the cloud.

JBoss at Devoxx.


More impressions and information

Arun compiled a blog-post which lists all the Red-Hatters at Devoxx. And the official BeJUG Flickr-Album with close to 3000 pictures is also available online.

All of the Devoxx talks end up on parleys.com. So it is worth tracking the site for the talks as they surface over the coming weeks and months. Another announcement this year is that parleys.com is maturing from a pure technical-talk delivery platform to one of learning content delivery.

Also make sure to check out Voxxed. Which is a knowledge sharing platform with the same DNA as the Devoxx conferences and a productive relation with Parleys.com.