JBoss at Devoxx.

JBoss at Devoxx 2014

Devoxx has grown to be one of the most popular Java conferences series in Europe.  Red Hat believes this event is great for the Java community and again gives it's support as a sponsor. Come by our booth to see the latest demos of our support products and community projects. Stick around for some fun and games and cool give-aways. Visit JBoss Community members at Devoxx University, the Hackergarten, the sessions or have a drink with us at Nox!


Impression from the Keynote Room

JBoss Keynote at Devoxx BE 2014

 This year we are excited to announce that JBoss will be presenting a keynote on the future capabilities of PaaS.  Follow along as we share the OpenShift PaaS roadmap. See what our newest plans are for continuing to address your business application needs with the speed and efficiency you're looking for.

Find more technical details about the keynote setup on a dedicated blog-post:
"What is your x? The technical details about the keynote demo at Devoxx"

More information about the FeedHenry and AeroGear integration:
"FeedHenry and Red Hat Pushing ahead with Integrations"
"FeedHenry meets AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!"
"Devoxx keynote Feedhenry AeroGear demo"

Even more in the press-release about "JBoss Fuse and A-MQ for xPaaS":
"Red Hat Launches New Release of OpenShift Enterprise and Adds Private iPaaS"


JBoss Sessions and Speakers at Devoxx BE 2014

Check out the speakers and sessions.

JBoss at Devoxx France 2014

 Want to see JBoss's presence at Devoxx France this year?  Follow this link.