JBoss at Devoxx.

JBoss at Devoxx France 2014

Devoxx has grown to be one of the most popular Java conferences series in Europe.  Red Hat believes this event is great for the Java community.  While many of our Red Hat colleagues were attending Red Hat Summit and DevNation we were still able to appear and show our support for such a great effort. There was even a speaker that covered both DevNation and Devoxx France!

Fifty/Fifty on Java EE 7

WildFly Logo

Arun Gupta (@arungupta) gave a fast-paced overview of the Java EE 7 platform. In this "drink from firehose" session, 50 new features of Java EE 7 were shared, one in about a minute. The room was packed and there is definite interest in the platform.

WildFly (nee JBoss AS) is a Java EE 7 compliant application server and all of these features can be tried out there. There are ton of Java EE 7 samples/Arquillian tests available to help you get started. And feel free to send a pull request for a new sample that you may like to contribute.

The slides from the session are available:

Elephants in Paris

Stephane Epardaud (@UnFroMage) gave a talk on Ceylon.  Ceylon is a new elegant programming language for the JVM and VMs JavaScript, made for teamwork. But more than that, it is a complete modular platform with an SDK, tools and IDEs.

Stephane presented language, platform and its ecosystem. He demonstrated all of the new project in the IDE for publication in Herd, our warehouse modules, including the SDK. Stephane also presented the Ceylon ongoing projects such as the build system, integration or Vert.x Cayla, the new web framework.

Finally, plans for Ceylon 1.1, 1.2 and beyond were shared. The room was three-quarters full showing growing interest in the language.

Slides are available:

Antoine Sabot-Durand and Java EE Extensibility

Antoine Sabot-Durand (@antoine_sd) is the specification lead for CDI 2.0.

The CDI specification is quite a game changer for the Java EE platform, so naturally his first talk was on the power of Java EE platform with CDI. This University Session, with Alexis Hassler (@AlexisHassler), "Do what you want with Java EE ?" focused on two main extension points of Java EE, i.e. CDI and Java Connector Architecture (JCA).

The session started with an introduction to CDI and quickly delved into how portable extensions can be used to extend Java EE platform in a natural way. Apache Deltaspike project was then introduced that provides a number of CDI portable extensions. The extensions in the project can be used to build further extensions and there by making an entire CDI ecosystem. Talking further on extensibility theme, it showed how JCA can be used to new protocol support to Java EE. MQTT, protocol used in machine-to-machine or Internet of Things connectivity and used from an Message Driven Bean (MDB). This also showed that MDBs are not tied to just Java Message Service (JMS).

Slides from the university session are available:

English version of the slides are available here.

Antoine also delivered the Java EE 7 hands-on lab with Alexis Hassler and David Delabassee (@delabassee). This self-paced hands-on lab walks you through build a Java EE 7 application using most of the new technologies like WebSocket, JSON, Batch Processing, JAX-RS 2.0, JMS 2.0, and several others. The complete instructions for the lab are available at github.com/javaee-samples/javaee7-hol.

And finally, he also led the Java EE BoF where Antonio Goncalves, Alexis Hassler, several Red Hatters, and others members of the community were present. Java EE 8 survey results were shared with the community and their feedback was taken. There was a lot of interesting discussion around Java EE and ecosystem, particularly around Deltaspike project. A strong need was also felt to have a beginners track for the fresh college students getting into mainstream development every year.

Emmanuel Bernard and Les Cast Codeurs Podcast

Emmanuel Bernard (@emmanuelbernard, of Hibernate and JBoss fame) and his co-presenters of Les Cast Codeurs recorded a live podcast. This is the last session of the last day, which means a perfect time to sum up the conference, hints at the best sessions, gossip on the keynotes and enjoy a beer or two in a relaxed and entertaining ambiance. To add up to this, Les Cast Codeurs celebrated their 100th episode with a big cake.


Devoxx France was sold out a few weeks before the conference started. There are lots of interesting sessions (mostly in French) but the hallway conversations are anyway much more interesting because the content will be available on parleys.com later anyway. Red Hat will be there and we'll continue to have fun :-)

Devoxx France is moving to a bigger venue next year. Mark your dates, April 8-10, 2015 at Palais des Congrès, see ya there!