JUDCon 2014: Boston. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

JUDCon 2014:Boston - One Day Conference on June 28th



We've introduced a new format in the evolution of our JBoss Users and Developers Conference event series; in addition to the standard multitrack, lecture-based arrangement, we will be launching smaller, focused sessions. In this fashion we’ll be able to cover a singular project or related set of technologies in-depth and provide both expository sessions and a hands-on opportunity to hack and learn by doing in a group environment.

Our maiden experiment launched at the end of June in Boston, featuring our AeroGear project and Push Notifications. Several of our core engineers were on hand to deliver the material, and they’d done an admirable job of assembling the agenda online for anyone who wishes to follow along:


In this fashion we’re looking to scale out and help others to throw their own regional events based on the content, which is easy to evolve over time as we’ve stored both the user instructions and the source material in GitHub.

Additionally, we’ve captured the video from each introductory session to supplement the written materials.

First up and opening the show we’ve got Joshua Wilson, Spring Lead for JBoss with an initial introduction to our example application:

JUDCon:Boston 2014 – Session 1 – Introduction to the Example Application – Joshua Wilson from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

AeroGear engineers Sebastien Blanc and Erik Jan de Wit then took the torch to build upon the example app using push notifications:

JUDCon:Boston 2014 – Session 2 – Introduction to AeroGear and Push – Erik Jan de Wit and Sebastien Blanc from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

Joshua Wilson kindly returned, now with Security guru Shane Bryzak to walk through the process of securing the backend:

JUDCon:Boston 2014 – Session 3 – Implementing the Backend and Securing the Webapp – Joshua Wilson and Shane Bryzak from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

Lead of the AeroGear Matthias Wessendorf was on hand to do a dive into the Push Server:

JUDCon:Boston 2014 – Session 4 – Mobile Push with Aerogear – Matthias Wessendorf from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

And as an added bonus, famed JBoss fellow Bill Burke brought us:

JUDCon:Boston 2014 – Session 5 – Security with Keycloak – Bill Burke from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

We do hope that you find these materials helpful in your journey in building push notifications in mobile applications with AeroGear; fork the repo, read the instructions, watch the videos, and give it a shot on your own!