JUDCon 2012: Bangalore. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

Presentations from JUDCon2012:India

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2012 Keynote

Keynote Welcome by Harish Pillay
Keynote by Bruno Georges

Day 1 Track 1: "JBoss Application Server 7"

Infinispan: The Path Ahead by Manik Surtani
Extreme Performance and Scalability with Infinispan Near Caches by Galder Zamarreño
JBoss AS7 "What's New?" by Bruno Georges
Rich web with GWT and Errai by Mike Brock
Browser Power: CDI meets GWT by Mike Brock
JBoss Operations Network Management Simplified by Sumit Bhat

Day 1 Track 2: OpenShift/Cloud

Android and the Cloud: A Perfect Fit! by Aleš Justin
Painless Persistence - Best Practices for using JPA2 with Hibernate by Greg Kable
Using Red Hat MRG and JBoss Data Grid for Scalable Enterprise Integration by Prajod Vettiyattil
Getting Started Development Applications with AS7 by Shane Bryzak
Building a Transactional, Scaled Application Using Infinispan and Java EE by Galder Zamarreño
Write, Run & Scale: JavaEE6 on OpenShift PaaS by Mark Atwood

Day 1 Track 3: Rules, Workflow, SOA and EAI

Migrating SAP Portal Application to JBoss Portal - A Success Story by Sushil Ajgaonkar
Drools Complex Event Processing with Twitter4J by Toshiya Kobayashi
Business Process as a Service using JBoss SOA Platform by Antony J Kitherian
Understanding Declarative Rule Based Systems by Mark Proctor
Demysifying Complex Event Processing (CEP) by Mark Proctor
Enterprise Services Made Easy with SwitchYard by Keith Babo & Magesh Bojan

Day 2 Track 1: JBoss Application Server 7

JBoss Application Server 7 - Reloaded by Dimitris Andreadis
mod_cluster Is The Zero-configuration Dynamic Front-end For JBoss Clusters by Radoslav Husar
CapeDwarf: Running Google App Engine apps on JBossAS7 by Aleš Justin
Migration from Weblogic to JBoss by Vadi Ranganathan
Configure and deploy your EJB applications on AS7 by Satish Kale & Ravi Maurya
Best Practices for Migrating Spring Applications to Java EE 6 by Ray Ploski

Day 2 Track 2: OpenShift/Cloud

Technical Deep-dive with Infinispan by Manik Surtani
Eventual Consistency in Infinispan by Manik Surtani
A Happy Cloud Friendly Java Developer with OpenShift by Shekar Gulati
Cassandra Says: Let there be Data – Available, and in Abundance! by Kamal Nath N.G & Anupama Nithyanand
Java EE on Google App Engine: CDI to the Rescue by Aleš Justin
Infinispan In 50 Minutes by Galder Zamarreño

Day 2 Track 3: Cool Stuff

Need(le) for Speed by Heinz Wilming & Carsten Erker
Bridging the Gap: Integrating Spring Into CDI by Ray Ploski
Beyond Seam: The Future of JBoss Development Frameworks by Shane Bryzak
The 7 Secrets of Successful OpenSource Developers by Dimitris Andreadis
The JBoss Polyglot Revolution - Be Part Of It! by Galder Zamarreño
JBoss Security: Penetration, Protection and Patching by David Jorm