JUDCon 2012: China. The JBoss conference by developers, for developers.

Message from Mark Little

It is with great pleasure that I announce that JUDCon is coming to China and specifically Beijing! We've never been this far East before and I'm really looking forward to bringing the JBoss magic to a Chinese audience. It's a great way to round out the year for JUDCon: starting with Bangalore, then Boston and finally Beijing, this will be the most JUDCons we've had in a single year! I'm also looking forward to the cultural impact that China will have on JUDCon as we are influenced strongly by our audience and presenters: a Chinese JUDCon might look very different to an American one, so if you're interested in comparing and contrasting, you should definitely come along!

If you haven't been to a JUDCon yet then you've missed a lot of great technical presentations and discussions, not to mention beer and pizza! But if you are interested in JBoss projects and products, interested in Java middleware in general or just like to hangout with like-minded developers, then JUDCon is the conference you should be at. So even if you don't present, you should come along to listen, question, comment on and generally get involved with the largest enterprise Java community around!